Best Hotels Buenos Aires Argentina

Best Hotels Buenos Aires Argentina is here to bring you the best in accommodations that Buenos Aires has to offer with a focus on luxury. Rooms such as these will provide you with more spaciousness, nice views and fully-equipped kitchens. Travel in a group when possible to stay more luxuriously while spending less. These best hotels Buenos Aires Argentina has to offer are situated in some fine locations. We’ve pointed out all the best local attractions for your convenience, to help you choose the best place that’s right for your trip. Before we get into these best hotels Buenos Aires Argentina has, let’s take a look at some of Buenos Aires’s background history.

Buenos Aries, the capital of Argentina, has a population at over 2.8 million people and is located on the Rio De la Plata‘s western shore. Buenos Aires is considered an autonomous as well as alpha city. The first European to reach Buenos Aires was Juan Díaz de Solís, who navigated in the name of Spain. Raw materials accounted for the city’s expansion in the second half of the 19th century. Italian and Spanish immigrants moved into the city around that time, making it one of the most multicultural center in southern South America.

Today, over 2.5 million people visit Buenos Aires. Neighborhoods of note are Montserrat and San Telmo, and major points of interest include Kirchner Cultural Centre, Teatro Colón, Cervantes Theatre, Avenida Theatre, Teatro Gran Rex, National Museum of Fine Arts, MALBA, Faena Arts Center, Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art, Recoleta Cultural Center and Museum of Decorative Arts. Buenos Aires’ climate ranges from average January highs in the upper-80s to average July highs in the high-50s. Now that you have a little background information on the city, let’s take a closer look at some of the best hotels Buenos Aires Argentina has to offer.



The Palermo Penthouse

4749 Guatemala

Best Hotels Buenos Aires Argentina

What’s Around?

The Palermo Penthouse offers 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a flat-screen TV, free WiFi, air conditioning, a seasonal outdoor swimming pool, a fitness center, private parking, a fully-equipped kitchen, a dining area and a terrace with city views. It’s near: Vinosfera Wine Gallery, Grill Don Julio, Always Fitness Club, Tufic (ice cream shop), BUCLES (beauty salon), Dolce Amaretto Paraguay (ice cream shop), Agogo (women’s clothing store), Meraki Beauty Boutique and more.

Armenia Square is 0.2 miles, Science Cultural Centre is 0.3 miles, Plaza Serrano Square, Old Palermo, Plaza Italia Square and Carlos Thais Botanical Garden are 0.4 miles, Palermo Station is 0.5 miles, Buenos Aires Eco-Park is 0.8 miles, Palermo Lakes is 1 mile, Colon Theater is 2.6 miles, The Obelisk of Buenos Aires is 2.8 miles and Ministro Pistarini International Airport is 17 miles from this location.


Approximate cost per night: $485

Cost per person (six people): $80




Algodon Mansion

Montevideo 1647

Best Hotels Buenos Aires Argentina

In The Area?

Algodon Mansion has free WiFi, air conditioning, chic rooms, complimentary wine, iPod docking stations, flat-screen TVs, comfortable seating areas, a sauna, a rooftop swimming pool and a sun deck. It can be found close to: Le Spa by CL 45, Presidente Bar, Navarro Viola Foundation, Violeta Massey (patisserie), Dos Escudos (patisserie), Miranda Bosch Art Gallery and more.

From here you’ll find Rubbers Gallery 0.1 miles, Zubaran Gallery, Austral University, Carlos Gardel Museum and Patio Bullrich 0.3 miles, Recoleta Cemetery, Santa Fe Galleries, Lagos de Palermo Golf Club, Lagos de Palermo Golf Club and N. S Pilar Parish 0.4 miles, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes 0.6 miles, Basilica del Santisimo Sacramento 0.8 miles and Ministro Pistarini International Airport 17.6 miles.

Approximate cost per night: $383





Four Seasons Hotel Buenos Aires

Posadas 1086

Best Hotels Buenos Aires Argentina

Exclusive Recoleta Neighborhood

The only hotel located in the Recoleta neighborhood that has an outdoor pool in a garden, The Four Seasons Buenos Aires features spacious luxury suites, marble bathrooms, charming gardens, swanky gourmet restaurants and bars, a spa, a state-of-the-art gym, free WiFi, upscale decor, air conditioning, minibars, TVs and bathrooms with HD TV mirrors. Nearby you’ll catch: Pony Line (Four Seasons lounge), Elena (Four Seasons restaurant), Mansión Alzaga Unzué (historical landmark), SushiClub, Piegari Ristorante, Figata (Italian restaurant), Piegari (restaurant) and more.

You’ll find Zubaran Gallery within feet, Patio Bullrich 0.1 miles, Museo de Arte Hispanoamericano Isaac Fernandez Blanco and Rubbers Gallery 0.2 miles, Austral University 0.3 miles, Palacio San Martín, Carlos Gardel Museum, Lagos de Palermo Golf Club 0.4 miles, Palais de Glace Salas Nacionales de Cultura 0.5 miles, Recoleta Cemetery and Basilica del Santisimo Sacramento 0.6 miles, El Rosedal Park 2.3 miles and Ministro Pistarini International Airport 17.9 miles from this hotel.


Approximate cost per night (king suite mansion royale): $4,320

(E-Lounge king suite): $808 per night


Best Penthouses Brazil Edition


Poetry Building Recoleta

Junin 1280

Best Hotels Buenos Aires Argentina

Aristocratic Mansion

Set in an aristocratic mansion, Poetry Building Recoleta offers accommodations with exquisite interiors filled with antiques, a dipping pool, yoga classes, massage services upon request, air conditioning, dining areas, balconies, city views, TV, free WiFi and fully-equipped kitchens. Nearby you’ll find: Heroes Bar, Sasha Pasteles (pastry shop), Gout (gluten free cafe), Placido Cafe Bar, Estacion Sur (beer hall), Yin Yang Pie (spa) and more.

El Ateneo Grand Splendid is 0.2 miles, Santa Fe Galleries is 0.4 miles, Buenos Aires Design is 0.5 miles, Recoleta Cultural Centre and Museo Participativo de Ciencias are 0.6 miles, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes is 0.7 miles, Colon Theater is 0.9 miles, Plaza de Mayo is 1.8 miles and Ministro Pistarini International Airport is 17.2 miles from here.


Approximate cost per night: $217




Faena Hotel Master Suite

450 Petrona Eyle

Best Hotels Buenos Aires Argentina

Near Here?

Offering an outdoor swimming pool, a garden, a fitness center, a bar, a 24-hour front desk, room service, free WiFi, air conditioning, flat-screen TVs, kitchens, dining areas, hairdryers, bidets, electric tea pots, coffee machines and closets, Faena Hotel Master Suite is near: SushiClub, Beauty Port (salon), Eve Joyeria (jewelry store), Ok Food (restaurant), Mizuki Puerto Madero (restaurant), Bistro Sur, Rojo Tango Show (restaurant), Boccatina (cafe), Red Boutique (deli), Micaela Bastidas Park and more.

Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina and ARA Presidente Sarmiento Museum Ship are 0.3 miles, Fragata Presidente Sarmiento Museum, Casa Rosada Presidential House and San Telmo Antique Market are 0.6 miles, Museo Penitenciario Antonio Ballve, Casa Rosada, Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires and Plaza de Mayo are 0.7 miles, Centro Cultural Kirchner is 0.8 miles, Tortoni Cafe is 1 mile and Ministro Pistarini International Airport is 17.1 miles from this locale.


Approximate cost per night: $490

Cost per person (four people): $123




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Casa Bevant

Vicente Lopez 1827

Best Hotels Buenos Aires Argentina

And Here?

Casa Bevant offers free WiFi, fully-equipped kitchens, seating areas, flat-screen TVs, iPod docks and a fitness center. Nearby you can find: Almacen Bevant (restaurant), Starbucks, Tespresso (cafe), Winner (bakery), Comida Arabe (country food restaurant), Aramburu (restaurant), Deporte Total (gym) and more.

From here you’ll find Recoleta Cemetery 0.2 miles, N. S Pilar Parish, Participatory Science Museum, Rubbers Gallery, Buenos Aires Design, Palais de Glace National Halls of Culture and Recoleta Cultural Center 0.3 miles, Santa Fe Galleries, The Grand Splendid Athenaeum and Square France Square 0.4 miles, National Museum of Fine Arts 0.5 miles, Basilica of the Blessed Sacrament 1 mile, Serrano Square 2.2 miles and Minister Pistarini International Airport 17.6 miles.


Approximate cost per night: $121



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So there they are, the best hotels Buenos Aires Argentina has to offer. We hope you have found value in this information. Happy and safe travels out there!

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  1. The The Palermo Penthouse at 4749 offers some impressive views. I like that it’s not too far from Armenia Square and that it has a fitness center, but the views are just breathtaking. It says $80 per person per night, so that’s not a bad price actually. It’d be nicer if the price was just a tad lower, but I think that’s a decent rate.

  2. you have put up a very wonderful post here…I love travelling and even though I’ve never thought of going to Argentina, Buenos Aires is giving me a draw to the country…Lol..

    All the hotels look very good(thanks for adding pictures).  The posadas1086 looks really good with such great designs in the rooms… They offer practically everything one wants…The luxury is great and the money is quite matching…If ever j travel to Argentina, I’ll be sure to visit this beautiful city.

  3. Personally, I have never even given any thought to the idea of visiting Argentina, however, you have made Buenos Aries look so very appealing, reading your posts has almost made me fall in love with the place, it really does look so very nice, it all looks so luxurious, the Montevideo 1647 and the 450 Petrona Eyle look especially nice, thank you for sharing. 

  4. This is great I must say. I was in Buenos Aires in Argentina 2 years ago but I wasn’t in these luxury hotels. When I see these images I wish I had. Algodon Mansion is definitely my favorite one primarily because of free wifi and sauna, I must visit this hotel next time I go there. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Very nice presentation of some great hotels in Argentina! I have never been there but why not once?
    The hotels you mentioned look really pretty and I am sure the accommodation and service are superb. What I found very useful on your post is also u guide for the places around the facilities.
    Who knows? If I once come to Buenos Aries I might look at your proposals, if the budget allows, lol!
    .Thanks for the info, wish you massive success with your nice and informative site!
    Best regards,

  6. Hi Pentrental

    You’ve done it again! Your posts are impressive they blow me away. The pictures are amazing. They make me want to just drop everything and hop a flight.

    I already know that my next out of the country trip I’m going to use your site as a guide. All the info everything I need to made it a great trip you provide. Keep up the great work.

    Much Success


  7. I have never been to Buenos Aires, Argentina but I must say if there is ever a time when I do visit, for work or otherwise, I am pretty impressed with what it has to offer as far as accommodations. And the prices aren’t that bad either! Thank you for this informative post.  

  8. Buenos alres is surely a fascinating place to know much more about their history and the tips that made it a standout place of exploration. Since it is a capital city of Argentina, the various hotels here are simply great and besides, of lesser price. I actually like the palermo Penthouse. It offers some great sight while being made available for just $80 per night. That’s fair enough to me. Thanks

  9. These are really nice hotels I must say. Some people refuses to travel because they don’t know of any trusted hotels to live in when they are there. These hotels are really good and looks very comfortable to stay in, considering the services, its worth the pay per night. I’ll put visiting some of these hotels in my bucket list. Thanks for sharing such a nice post

    1. Dane thank you for the comments. Argentina should be on every traveler’s bucket list, especially the glaciers to the south!

  10. If you want a vibrant and colorful vacation, Buenos Aires is a place to be. It showcases a magnificent culture, amazing diversity of people, lively music and great food. They got unique architecture and cool places to visit. I am delighted with your wide array of recommendation when it comes to the best hotels to check in. Four Seasons is a great choice. Their name has been known all over the world for providing great hotel services for tourists. It has complete amenities to make the stay comfortable and enjoyable.If you want a real Buenos Aires Vibe in a more affordable price, then Poetry Building Recoleta is a fine choice. I think your stay will be so much enjoyable knowing that you and your family/friends are provided with exquisite service in the fun and wild Buenos Aires. Thank you for taking us to this short peep of the best hotels in BA. I really hope I could visit one day and get crazy with companions. 

  11. This post makes me want to travel to Argentina now. Very nice list of luxury hotel rentals.  My only question is which currency is the hotels in this post?  USD or Argentinian peso? They all look amazing and well equipped with lots of amenities nearby.  When I stayed in Peru, I rented a condo right in the heart of Mira Flores which made travelling around very easy.  

    1. Hi Nicki V nice to see you. These prices are in USD, great question! Thank you for sharing your experiences and stop back anytime 😜

  12. Thank you for another great article. As always the pictures are great. My favorite was the one with the nice view of the sky. I think it was called the aristocratic mansion. I also think the outdoor swimming pools sound nice because then you could go for a swim and get fresh air. The Four Seasons Hotel also sounds great because of the state-of-the-art gym. It sounds like it would be great to go visit and explore this wonderful City.

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