Best Places to Stay in Dublin Ireland – Penthouses

If you’re looking for the best places to stay in Dublin Ireland then look no further. Below you will find the best penthouses and luxury hotel accommodations that Dublin has to offer. Also for your convenience are the best local attractions near these best places to stay in Dublin Ireland. Finding the best places to stay in Dublin Ireland does not need to be a time-consuming task.

Dublin, the capital and largest Irish city, is on Ireland’s east coast. The city’s population stands at over 1.1 million Dubliners. Dublin’s nickname is “The Fair City”. During the Middle Ages, Dublin had been established as a Viking settlement. Today, over a thousand years later, the city is more welcoming, and some notable points of interest include Dublin CastleTrinity CollegeHa’Penny BridgeSt. Patrick’s Cathedral and Guinness Brewery. The best time to visit Dublin is between June and September, when temperatures average in the mid-60s degrees Fahrenheit. Winters in Dublin are typically mild, with the main precipitation falling down in the form of rain or hail.

We think you’ll find your perfect accommodation among our list of the best places to stay in Dubin Ireland, so let’s get to it!


Herbert Park Hotel


Best Places to Stay in Dublin Ireland

What’s in the area?

Herbert Park Hotel overlooks Herbert Park and has an award-winning restaurant and modern rooms, including penthouse suite rental options. It is located near: RDS (convention center), Paddy Cullen’s (pub), The Bridge (bar), Kites Chinese Restaurant, Roly’s Bistro, Maia Restaurant, Base Wood Fired Pizza, Baan Thai Restaurant, Mary Mac’s (pub), Sprout & Co. (salad shop), The French Paradox (wine shop), Sanuk (Thai restaurant) and more.

Dodder River is 0.1 miles, Trinity College is 1.6 miles, Dublin Castle and Temple Bar are 1.8 miles, Dublin Zoo is 3.5 miles and Dublin Airport is 6.9 miles from this location.


Approximate cost per night (penthouse suite): $748

(high demand – book in advance)



Smithfield Duplex Penthouse

8 Haymarket, Arran Quay

Best Places to Stay in Dublin Ireland

Smithfield Duplex Penthouse features a terrace, free WiFi, a flat-screen TV, a fully-equipped kitchen and a balcony.


Estimated cost per night (penthouse apartment): $362

Cost per person (four people): $90


The Smithfield Penthouse

Smithfield Market

Best Places to Stay in Dublin Ireland

The Smithfield Penthouse features 3 bedrooms, a balcony, free WiFi, a satellite flat-screen TV and a kitchen with a fridge.


Approximate cost per night (three-bedroom penthouse): $290

Cost per person (six people): $48

What’s close?

Smithfield Duplex Penthouse and The Smithfield Penthouse are located near: The Mission Bar, PHX Bistro, Fish Shop (fish & chips restaurant), WUFF (bistro), Dice Bar, Frank Ryan’s (bar), Urbanity (restaurant), McGettigans Bar, Token (restaurant), Third Space (cafe), Kearns Jewelers (pawn shop), Paddy Power (off track betting), Coke Lane Pizza, WokeCup Cafe, Provender & Family (cafe), Thundercut Alley (restaurant), My Meat Wagon (restaurant), Boojum (Mexican restaurant), Jameson Distillery, Sparks Bistro, Scoop (ice cream shop), Fitness Ireland (health food store), Amici (restaurant) and more.

Dublin Castle, Temple Bar, Button Factory and St. Patrick’s Cathedral are 0.6 miles, Trinity College is 0.9 miles, Dublin Zoo is 1.1 miles and Dublin Airport is 5.6 miles from this location.


Leam - Luxury Shopping Online

Waterside Penthouse

Grand Canal Quay

Best Places to Stay in Dublin Ireland

This waterside, Grand Canal Quay penthouse offers 2 bedrooms, free WiFi, a garden, a flat-screen TV, a fully-equipped kitchen, a dishwasher, an oven, a washing machine, a toaster and a microwave.


(pricing based on availability)


Riverview Penthouse

Lazer Lane

Best Places to Stay in Dublin Ireland

This riverside penthouse features 2 bedrooms, free WiFi, a living room, a fully-equipped kitchen and excellent river views.


Approximate cost per night: $324

Cost per person (six people): $54


Gallery Quay Penthouse

Grand Canal Quay

Best Places to Stay in Dublin Ireland

Gallery Quay Penthouse has 2 bedrooms, a balcony, 2 bathrooms, a hair dryer and a flat-screen TV.


Approximate cost per night (two-bedroom penthouse): $261

Cost per person (eight people): $32

What’s nearby?

Waterside Penthouse, Riverview Penthouse and Gallery Quay Penthouse are situated close to: The Art of Coffee (coffee stand), Osteria Lucio (Italian restaurant), 3fe (cafe), The Square Ball (bar), Matt the Thresher (seafood restaurant), l’Ecrivain (modern French restaurant), Pearl Brasserie (French restaurant), Etto (restaurant), The GREENHOUSE (restaurant), One Pico (restaurant), National Museum of Ireland – Archaeology, The Ginger Man (Irish pub), Bord Gais Energy Theatre, Charlotte Quay (restaurant), II Valentino (bakery), Herbstreet Restaurant, MV Cill Airne (boat bar) and more.

From these properties you will find River Liffey 0.2 miles, Fitzwilliam Square, Book of Kells and Trinity College 0.8 miles, Temple Bar and Button Factory 1.1 miles, Phoenix Park 3.8 miles and Dublin Airport 5.8 miles.


Giuseppe Zanotti EU

Huge Three Bedroom Penthouse

4 Coppinger Row

Best Places to Stay in Dublin Ireland


With 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, a dining area, a flat-screen TV, sauna and indoor pool access, this huge penthouse is near: The Gaiety Theatre, Pablo Picante (Mexican restaurant), P.Mac’s (gastropub), The Long Haul (pub), McDaids (pub), Kehoes Pub, Featherblade (steak house), The Westbury Mall, Kaph (cafe), Clement & Pekoe (coffee shop), Style Club (hairdresser), Grogans (pub), La Maison (French restaurant), Dylan Bradshaw (hair salon), Checkpoint Woodfired Pizza, DaveyDavey Hair Salon, BlindEye Barbershop, The Good Food Store (deli), Idlewild Bar, The Grafton Barber, Brown Sugar (hair salon), Tropical Popical (nail salon), Platform 61 (restaurant), The Bar With No Name and more.

Irish Whiskey Museum, Trinity College, Button Factory, Dublin Castle and The Little Museum of Dublin are 0.2 miles, Temple Bar is 0.3 miles, Dublin Zoo is 1.9 miles and Dublin Airport is 5.9 miles from this property.


Approximate cost per night (three-bedroom penthouse): $587

Cost per person (eight people): $73

(high demand – book in advance)




Charming Georgian Penthouse

Baggot Close

Best Places to Stay in Dublin Ireland

Close by?

This charming Georgian penthouse includes 2 bedrooms, free WiFi, a flat-screen TV, a kitchen, a dishwasher, a terrace, a garden and sits near: Cafe Sol (coffee shop), Toners Pub, Cirillo’s (Italian restaurant), Brookwood (steak house), Doheny&Nessbit; (pub), Sushi King, The Fitzwilliam Casino, The Cellar Bar, Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud, Hugo’s Restaurant, The Grayson (restaurant), The Horseshoe Bar, The Saddle Room (restaurant), The Unicorn Restaurant, Napper Tandy’s (Irish pub), O’Donoghues Bar, ely Wine Bar and more.

This locale is 0.1 miles from Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin Marathon and Oscar Wilde House, 0.6 miles from Book of Kells and Trinity College, 0.8 miles from Button Factory, Dublin Castle and Temple Bar, 2.6 miles from National Botanic Gardens and 6.3 miles from Dublin Airport.


Approximate cost per night (two-bedroom apartment): $327

Cost per person (six people): $54


Penthouse Rent London Edition

Stephen Street Penthouse

2 Stephen Street

Best Places to Stay in Dublin Ireland

Near here?

Offering a dining area and kitchen, Stephen Street Penthouse is close to: The Bald Barista (cafe), Feast (restaurant), Bite of Life (deli), Dublin Pizza Company, The Swan Bar, Govinda’s (vegetarian restaurant), Fitzpatrick’s Casino, Queen Hairdressing, Nowhere (clothing store), Flying Tiger Copenhagen (gift shop), GalleryX (art gallery), Kevin Kavanagh (art gallery), Foundation (hair salon), Darwin’s Restaurant and more.

From this spot you can find Dublin Castle 0.1 miles, St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Olympia Theatre 0.2 miles, Button Factory and Temple Bar 0.3 miles, Irish Whiskey Museum and Trinity College 0.4 miles, Dublin Zoo 1.8 miles and Dublin Airport 6 miles.


Approximate cost per night (three-bedroom penthouse): $521

Cost per person (six people): $86



Templebar Penthouse

Essex Street East

Best Places to Stay in Dublin Ireland

And here?

With 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, free WiFi, a fully-equipped kitchen, a living room and a TV, Templebar Penthouse is situated near: Vintage Cocktail Club, Jam Art Factory, The Old Mill (Irish restaurant), Merchant’s Arch (pub), Chameleon (restaurant), Regent Barber Shop, Temple Bar Gallery & Studios, The Temple Bar Trading Company, Bunsen (hamburger restaurant), The Temple Bar, Haoliland Cakes and more.

This location is 0.1 miles from Ha’penny Bridge, The Grand Social, Olympia Theatre and Irish Stock Exchange, 0.2 miles from Italian Quarter, The National Leprechaun Museum, Irish Whiskey Museum, Trinity College and Dublin Castle, 1.7 miles from Dublin Zoo, 2.7 miles from Phoenix Park and 5.7 miles from Dublin Airport.


Approximate cost per night (three-bedroom penthouse): $568

Cost per person (six people): $94


So there you have it, Dublin’s best penthouse rental options, all in one concise location. We hope you have found your perfect penthouse accommodation here and most importantly, that you enjoy your Dublin stay!

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  1. Beautiful rooms! The look like they’re worth the price. Great views from what I can see. I’m guessing the neighborhood is good too. I can’t wait to earn enough money for these rooms! Great post, and I wish you all the luck you need and deserve! But where’s your About Me page?

    1. Hi Buffy and thanks for the comment! Hope you earn and travel lots. Will consider your question but it’s all about the penthouses here!

  2. I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. Dublin is one of the best places in the world and I often travel there. These houses look fascinating and very attractive but I don’t know are they really for my budget. Anyway, I would like to visit these apartments when I go there.

    1. Hi Daniel and thanks for the comment! Many penthouses have multiple bedrooms, so if you ever are traveling in a group then you might find them more in your budget than you think. Happy travels 🙂

  3. Those are some very attractive penthouses. Excuse my ignorance, but I never quite pictured Ireland like this. When I thought of Ireland, I always pictured rolling hills and vast green valleys. 

    Anyways, I know there’s so much more to Ireland than the little I have heard. 

    These penthouse were made with one thing in mind, and that’s to impress. There’s no denying that they capture the attention. 

    1. Thank you Jose! They really are impressive and you’re right, most think of lush green when they think of Ireland. Glad you found value in the post and happy travels to you!

  4. Thanks for this interesting post.  Makes me want to hop on a plane and head over right now. If I only had the money to do so. 

    I would really like, someday, to visit some of the old countries of Europe and the British Isles, Ireland included, as they hold so much of our ancient history. and were quite influential in the growth of North America, not to mention other parts of the world.  Ireland would be a great place to start such a tour.  

    Your suggestions for accommodations are very appealing and, I see there is no shortage of places to see and places to eat as well as getting to know the locals and the culture.  I would especially like to tour and walk the countryside as I like the wide open spaces and views from the hilltops.

    I couldn’t see the cost of these accommodations as you have to register first.  Do you have any idea what the average cost of renting one of these spots would be?

    Again, an interesting post,


    1. Hi Wayne, thanks for commenting! Penthouses are a great and affordable way to travel, especially when traveling with family or friends as they have multiple bedrooms usually and you can split the cost. Like many things, booking/renting is based on demand, but pricing usually ranges from a couple hundred to a thousand per night, depending on time of year, nearness to traveling, demand, etc. Hope that helps and thanks for stopping by!

  5. These penthouses are gorgeous. We are planning a trip to Ireland. It is on our bucket list. I like the River view Lazer Lane, but it looks like the 4 Coppinger Row penthouse his better located for a vacation. 

    I looked at the pricing. It’s not bad for three couples. But sadly it is all booked up. What is your second recommendation? 

    Thank you for this beautiful site and helping me with a second idea. 

  6. My husband and I have been DREAMING about a trip to Ireland for the last 4 years, but alas it hasn’t really been in the cards for us until now. I’m so excited to start planning this trip. I haven’t thought about staying in a penthouse before, but I really love the sounds of the Riverview Penthouse. It looks incredible!

  7. My friends have just travelled to Ireland and Scotland and I wish I had seen this post sooner as I would have referred them to this post.

    They went to Jamieson’s distillery and would have loved to stay close to it but it wasn’t to be this time.

    I am sharing your link again with my travelling friends as I love going on holiday when I visit here

    You share the best and I love the best- Thank you

  8. Dublin is a major city that I have not been to in Europe, but it is one that I intend on stopping by and spending some time over the next year or so. I have been fortunate enough to hit most of the major cities, and this is one that I consider to be worthy of a trip.

    The options that you have listed all look acceptable and are not that expensive (I took the time to compare a regular hotel cost with these) and most definitely now that I am aware of the many penthouse options that there are I am tapping into as I travel.

    Some of our ancestors migrated from Ireland to the USA so it will give me a chance to look back at how the landscape looked where they came from while also getting a taste of a nice medium-sized major city that has a multitude of entertainment options. The Smithfield House is my preference, but if it is not available, any of the others will do. Thanks!

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