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If you’re looking for hotels near Hollywood CA then you’ve come to the right place! Hollywood is a place like no other, home to celebrities, beautiful weather and people alike. The below hotels near Hollywood CA are some of the best penthouse accommodations out there for this area. Renting a penthouse is a luxurious way to stay. When traveling to Hollywood you owe it to yourself to stay as a celeb would. Below you’ll find several hotels near Hollywood CA, penthouse style.

Hollywood is a neighborhood located in Los Angeles, California. It has been made famous by its motion picture industry. As early as 1912 major motion pictures began rolling in Hollywood. Interestingly, Hollywood had banned movie theaters in around 1910. The Roaring Twenties brought about a large sign in the Hollywood Hills that read HOLLYWOODLAND, which eventually would be renamed to HOLLYWOOD in 1949. In the 1950s Hollywood Freeway, Capitol Records Building and Hollywood Walk of Fame were introduced. The Dolby Theatre, which showcases the Oscars, was built in 2001. Today, aside from the Academy Awards taking place in late February or early March, Hollywood events include the Hollywood Christmas Parade in late November or early December and the Hollywood Half Marathon, which takes place in April.



Huge Hollywood Penthouse

807 North Hudson

Hotels Near Hollywood CA

What’s around?

Huge Hollywood Penthouse offers accommodations for up to 11 guests and is located near:  Marino Ristorante, Melrose Wine and Spirits, Grub (restaurant), Spoonfed (restaurant), Rao’s (restaurant) and more.

This location is 0.4 miles from Melrose Avenue, 0.6 miles from Paramount Studios, 0.9 miles from ArcLight Theater Hollywood, 1 miles from Hotel Cafe, 1.1 miles from Grauman’s Egyptian Theatre, Hollywood Museum, Hollywood Wax Museum and Guinness Museum, 1.2 miles from Hollywood Walk of Fame and Dolby Theater, 3.5 miles from Hollywood Sign and 10.6 miles from Los Angeles International Airport.

Approximate cost per night: $564

Cost per person (nine people): $62

(high demand – book in advance)





Popular Hollywood Rockstar Penthouse

Hotels Near Hollywood CA

Hollywood VIP Celebrity Penthouse

Hotels Near Hollywood CA

Nearby attractions?

These penthouses are close to: Hollywood Bazaar (grocery store), Stefano’s Two Guys From Italy (Italian restaurant), Rock Town (boutique), Cipriano Custom Tailors, Berry Que (juice shop), As The Record Turns (record store), Hollywoodland Tours, Museum of Selfies, Hollywood Wax Museum, Yogi Dog (hot dog restaurant), Stella Adler Academy of Acting, Power House (cocktail bar), Mel’s Drive-In, The Hollywood Museum, One666 (night club), Hollywood Bus Tours, H.I.H.O. TOURS, Confession (lounge), Red Line Tours, Tattoo Doctors, Sound LA (night club), Miceli’s (Italian restaurant), The Supply Sergeant (military surplus store), Hologram USA Theatre (movie theater), Cre8 Crepes and more.

This location is 0.2 miles from Dolby Theater, 2.5 miles from Universal Studios and 11.6 miles from Los Angeles International Airport.


LA Pool Table Penthouse

1065 South Hope Street

Hotels Near Hollywood CA

What’s good?

Near this penthouse you’ll find: Starbucks, Broken Spanish (Mexican restaurant), El Cholo (Mexican restaurant), Arashi Sushi (sushi restaurant), CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice (bubble tea store), Aladdin Coffe Shop, Speedplay (physical fitness class), Club Pilates (pilates studio), Hope Beauty Center (nail salon), barcito (cocktail bar), The Palm (fine dining restaurant), Cana Rum Bar (bar), Hygge Bakery & Cafe, Prank Bar and more.

This location is 0.2 miles from Grammy Museum, Staples Center, Microsoft Theater and L.A. Live, 2.5 miles from Dodger Stadium and 10.5 miles from Los Angeles International Airport.


Approximate cost per night: $985

Cost per person (six people): $164



2-Story Penthouse with Private Deck

7th St. and South Grand Ave.

Hotels Near Hollywood CA

What’s in the area?

This 2-story penthouse is close to: Seven (bar & lounge), Q (sushi restaurant), Seven Grand (bar), Olive Bistro, Cicada Restaurant, Ugo (Italian cafe), GNC, Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken, Madame Monsieur (French restaurant), Adiamor (jeweler), Bottega Louie (Italian restaurant), B.S. Taqueria (Mexican restaurant), The Halai Guys (Halai restaurant), Renee de la Tour (waxing hair removal service), Whole Foods, fundamental (New American restaurant), TOMGEORGE (modern European restaurant), Walgreens, MOA Kitchen (Pan-Asian restaurant), Karl Strauss Brewing Company, Library Bar, Corner Cantina (Mexican restaurant), Industriel Urban Farm Cuisine (modern French restaurant) and more.

It’s located 0.1 miles from The Bloc, 0.2 miles from Los Angeles Theatre, 0.3 miles from Orpheum Theatre, 0.5 miles from Grammy Museum and The Museum of Contemporary Art, 0.6 miles from L.A. Live and Microsoft Theater and 11 miles from Los Angeles International Airport.

Approximate cost per night: $753

Cost per person (eight people): $94


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Huge Penthouse and Villa with Hollywood Views

6681 Emmet Terrace

Hotels Near Hollywood CA


Near this penthouse you’ll find: Shintaro Restaurant (sushi restaurant), The Conservatory Florist, Solar de Cahuenga (restaurant), Madera Kitchen, Poke’to (Hawaiian restaurant), It’s Pho (Vietnamese restaurant), The Parlour Room (cocktail bar), Angel’s Touch Hair Salon and more.

Grauman’s Egyptian Theatre, Guinness Museum, Hollywood Wax Museum, The Magic Castle and The Academy of Magical Arts are 0.3 miles, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum and Hollywood Museum are 0.4 miles and Hollywood Burbank Airport is 6.7 miles from this location.

Approximate cost per night: $1,856

Cost per person (sixteen people): $116



Pool Resort Deluxe Penthouse

Olympic Blvd. and Grand Ave.

Hotels Near Hollywood CA

What’s around?

Near this penthouse you’ll find: Makeup RC Cosmetics, Hope Spa & Nails, FIDM Scholarship Store, Kaffebaren (cafe), Mikkeller Bar LA (gastropub), Birdies (cafe), Loit Cafe, Lucy Hart Ink, The Stocking Frame (new American restaurant), Industry DTLA (hair salon), Geselle Marie (hairdresser), Shekarchi Gril and more.

L.A. Live, Staples Center and Microsoft Theater are 0.3 miles and Los Angeles International Airport is 10.6 miles from this location.


Approximate cost per night: $331

Cost per person (six people): $55



Downtown Luxury Penthouse

1120 West 6th Street

Hotels Near Hollywood CA

What’s close?

Near this location you will find: Plan Check Kitchen + Bar, Ebaes (ramen restaurant), Starbucks, Grocery Outlet, Kachi Deli Cafe & Grill, It’s Thai, Cilantro Mexican Grill, Doris Beauty Salon and more.

L.A. Live is 0.6 miles, Dodger Stadium is 1.9 miles and Hollywood Burbank Airport is 11.5 miles from this location.


Approximate cost per night: $460

Cost per person (seven people): $65



So there you have them, many of the Hollywood California area’s best penthouse rental options. As you can see renting a penthouse in Hollywood can be inexpensive when traveling in a group. If you have a group of 16 people we recommend giving the Huge Penthouse and Villa with Hollywood Views a try. We truly hope that you have found this information valuable and most of all, that you enjoy your Hollywood California stay!

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  1. Wow, very nice places! Got to cost a fortune to stay though. Once my blog takes off, I might just stay at one of these sometime! I will bookmark for later! I didn’t know that site has an affiliate program. Super awesome topic, and I wish you all the luck you need and deserve!

  2. This was the most in depth article that I have read on hollywood penthouses and if I ever have to visit a city and need to know where there are good places to stay then I will revisit this website. These look very nice and it seems that if you would like to save some money on these you would have to go in on them with some friends.

    1. Hi Jon, exactly! Thank you for the comment. Traveling with a group is definitely the way to go when booking a penthouse.

  3. Very simple but effective website, full of relevant information for anyone looking for a penthouse in any city.

    This is a wonderful  resource for prospective buyers.

    It makes good use of images and is easy on the eye, people not looking for a penthouse would even enjoy perusing this site to  dream,lol.

    Good style of writing as well , gets the point across.

  4. Very impressive list of choices for the discerning traveler. The depth of information about any given placed is also very impressive. If you were to provide an ranking of all the alternatives, that would be very informative. Included in your ranking the price of each would be very interesting.

    Given the number of choices available, any recommendations you could make based on personal experience or references, would be extremely helpful to those of us that and not as well traveled. Also, if you were to include the reasons for your recommendations, that would be of even greater value. 

  5. Hollywood, the land of Rock and Movie Stars, with massive attractions, stunning nightlife, and some of the best nightclubs on planet earth. When in Hollywood it is fun to get the total experience and live like a king even for a day. I have been there as a tourist only once and sadly it was on a small budget with us choosing to stay clear out in Anaheim instead of closer to the studios but next trip out I would love to take it all in. Thanks for a great resource, I really love the Penthouse with the pool table looking out on the city. Talk about an experience.

  6. Awesome! 

    We are flying into Vancouver and out from San Fran but we only have 10 days there in total. I don’t think we’ll make it down that far but I love looking through the penthouses! I like that it’s close to Pizza delivery 

    The Top Floor Penthouse Rockstar is definitely my favourite here!

    What would your top ones be?


    1. Top Floor Penthouse Rockstar, definitely a great choice! Thank you for the post and happy journeys out there!

  7. This is indeed a very interesting concept to have a short term rental of a penthouse. Some beautiful options that makes one dream of one day being able to stay in one of them. Great to have information on what is close to each penthouse and specially also the distance from the airport. If you visit Hollywood you certainly need to do it in style and a stay in any of these penthouses will certainly add the special touch to your visit.

  8. After discovering your site, I have been regularly visiting it. From this list, it’s quite tough to choose just one because all these Penthouses near Hollywood CA are great. But considering each one I have finally made up my mind for 1120 West 6th Street. I love Kachi Deli Cafe & Grill, Mexican food and Starbucks. And the balcony and its view in the picture are very nice.

    1. Thank you for stopping back Henry! We are in agreement that there are so many great options in Hollywood. Very glad to hear that you have pinpointed your favorite in 1120 West 6th Street. Best wishes to you 🙂

  9. Typically, I only pick one or two of these hotels from the list that really jump out at me, but for this article, I would be down for each of these locations. If I had to choose one, it’d be the luxury penthouse. Being close to Dodger Stadium, a historic site at that, I would definitely have to choose this one over the others. Not just that, the view of the horizon is spectacular as is the view of Downtown LA. 

  10. I love browsing through your site checking out how the other half lives. For me though, I’ll have to settle for pretending for a weekend here and there for now.

    You’ve showed some fantastic options in this post. I would love to stay in one of these on my next visit to LA! I would daydream about all the famous visitors that had been in the same room in the past lol. Hollywood is where dreams come true right? 😉

  11. Great subject and well documented, I think people would appreciate to know your name and even see a photo of you. Your subject and your website have a  very classy look especially with your links to Bloomingdale, Blue Bella Swin or L’Agence.

    Your site is addressing people with money and this is great. Many people have money but I didn’t have that much money in the 90s when I visited Los Angeles And I would have like to stay in one of those towers.

    All the apartments you are showing looks fabulous and we need such a site to visualize and dream of owning such a place one day.

    Very useful site.

  12. So glad I found this!  I’m planning a trip with extended family in the fall and some of the options here would be much better in terms of allowing us to all stay in one place (and not have kids going stir crazy in a cramped hotel room).  The villa at 6681 Emmet Terrace looks amazing and would suit our needs really well, but there are a few other candidates also.  Thanks for putting all this great information together!

  13. Hi there,

    Wow, I am impressed by these beautiful hotels!

    I was looking for a lovely penthouse in Hollywood for my husband’s birthday, and that’s how I found your website. All his family lives there, and I want to surprise him with a beautiful family party. These apartments look stunning, and it’s affordable. I really like the 807 North Hudson; the blue color is relaxing. Just a question, please. How many days in advance can I order the penthouse? Will I get a better price if I book early? It’s crucial for me to know these details:) 

    Thank you for this excellent post!

  14. Wow, this is really a very detailed list on penthouses. I never thought that these are so affordable, actually are cheaper than other hotels. 

    And because you shared the prices, that is just what I needed to make my mind about penthouses rents. I do have a question. Are these penthouses rent for groups or individual?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Oana, you can book alone or with a group, whichever your preference. Penthouses almost always come with 2 bedrooms or more, so traveling in a group is a nice way to keep the cost lower.

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