How To Stay In Copenhagen – Penthouses

How to stay in Copenhagen can be a difficult question. Many people are curious about Copenhagen. Here, we’ve compiled for you the best Copenhagen penthouse accommodations. In order to know how to stay in Copenhagen you must know the best local attractions, which we’ve provided below to help your search.

Copenhagen has a population of around 777,000 people. The capital and most populated city in Denmark, Copenhagen is located on the Danish island Zealand’s eastern coast. Öresund Bridge connects Copenhagen and Malmö, Sweden. Summer in this city averages in the mid-60s degrees Fahrenheit. Tourism, due to the city’s award-winning restaurants, its culture and Viking history, its architecture and its location on the harbor, contributes a great deal to the city’s economy. This is also a popular destination for cruise passengers.

Points of interest include Frederiksstaden district, Frederik’s ChurchSlotsholmen island, Christiansborg PalaceBørsenFrederiksborg PalaceChurch of Our SaviourRosenborg CastleBotanical GardensKastelletCopenhagen ZooLangelinieNational MuseumNational GalleryNy Carlsberg GlyptotekLouisiana,Danish Design MuseumThorvaldsens MuseumCopenhagen Concert HallCopenhagen Opera HouseRoyal Danish TheatreVegaStrøgetDyrehavsbakken,Tivoli GardensUniversity of Copenhagen and Parken.

As you can see there are a lot of fantastic things to do in Copenhagen, so let’s get you on your way to answering that question on how to stay in Copenhagen.


Hotel Herman K

6 Bremerholm

How to Stay in Copenhagen

What’s close?

Hotel Herman K features a penthouse suite with a private rooftop terrace and is located near: Le Coin (restaurant), Handler (store), Restaurant Maven, Mellow Nikolaj Plads (hair salon), Roxie (restaurant), At Dolores (night club), Llama (Latin American restaurant), Hviids Vinstue (wine bar), Restaurant Wilhelm, Cafe Nick, Restaurant KöD, Admiralgade 26 (restaurant), CUB Coffee Bar, Ved Stranden 10 (wine bar), K-Bar, Slotskælderen (lunch restaurant), Segway Tours Copenhagen, Dark Crow Tattoo and more.

This location is 0.1 miles from Højbro Square, The Royal Theater, Strøget and Amagertorv, 0.4 miles from The David Collection, The National Museum of Denmark and Danish Royal Library, 1.7 miles from Parken Stadium and 4.3 miles from Copenhagen Airport.


Axel Guldsmeden

Colbjørnsensgade 14, Vesterbro

How to Stay in Copenhagen

What’s nearby?

Featuring a penthouse apartment rental option, Axel Guldsmeden is situated close to: Slagter Ali Baba (butcher), Bento (Japanese restaurant and cocktail bar), Kaldi (cafe), Miks Tattoo, Hats, Boots & Bourbon (boutique, cafe & cocktails), ta2dennis (tattoo shop), Ristorante Buono, Cofoco (restaurant), African House (store), Cafetid (brasserie), Dia’legd – Ølbar (bar), Femilet (lingerie store), KöD Vesterbro (steak house), Retrogusto Ristorante, Barril Pasta & Wine Bar, Social Brew (coffee shop), Frk. Barners Kælder (restaurant), Matcha Bar, Café Du Nord (modern French restaurant), Gate 18 (adult club), CUBE bar and more.

Copenhagen Central Station is 0.1 miles, Tivoli Gardens and Vesterport Station are 0.2 miles, Meatpacking District Copenhagen is 0.3 miles, The National Museum of Denmark is 0.6 miles, Rosenborg Palace is 1.1 miles, The Hirschsprung Collection and Frederiksberg Slot are 1.4 miles and Copenhagen Airport is 4.6 miles from this property.





Incredible City Center Penthouse

Vester Voldgade 87, 1552

How to Stay in Copenhagen

In the area?

Offering 3 bedrooms, free WiFi, a flat-screen TV, a kitchen with a dishwasher, towels and bed linens, Incredible City Center Penthouse can be found near: Tivolihallen (Danish restaurant), Jaco Sko (shoe store), Southern Cross Pub, Mojo (blues bar), Taste of Taiwan (bubble tea), Sommerfuglen (craft store), Teaterhuset (theater company), Bastard Cafe, Holst (hair salon), Galathea Kroen (restaurant), Kjærs (hair salon), Sing Tehus (tea store), Fix & Wear (tailor), Slice of San Francisco (cafe), Ubbe’s Vinhandel (wine store), Kanalcafeen (Danish restaurant), National Museum of Denmark, The Storm Inn (pub), The Danish Pipe Shop, Karla (Danish restaurant) and more

From here you’ll find Danish Design Center, Copenhagen City Hall, Hans Christian Andersen Fairy-Tale House and Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek 0.1 miles, Gammeltorv and Tivoli Gardens 0.2 miles, Danish Royal Library 0.4 miles, The Hirschsprung Collection 1.1 miles, Parken Stadium 1.9 miles and Copenhagen Airport 4.4 miles.



Nobis Hotel

1B Niels Brocks Gade

How to Stay in Copenhagen

What’s around?

Nobis Hotel Copenhagen offers a penthouse suite rental option and is location near: Roccamore (fashion designer), Glyptotek (fine art museum), Hair Creations, L’Enoteca di Mr. Brunello (Italian restaurant), Cafe Kopenhag, Ludv. Bjørns Vinhandel A/S (wine store), Lillians Smørrebrød (restaurant) and more.

The National Museum of Denmark, Danish Design Center and Copenhagen Christmas Market are 0.2 miles, The Round Tower is 0.6 miles, Torvehallerne and Church of Our Saviour are 0.8 miles, The Little Mermaid is 1.7 miles, Grundtvig’s Church is 3.4 miles and Copenhagen Airport is 4.2 miles from this spot.



Best Places to Stay in Reykjavik Iceland – Penthouses

Hotel SP34

Sankt Peders Stræde 34

How to Stay in Copenhagen


Hotel SP34 accommodates a penthouse with a balcony and can be found close to: Ritz Smørrebrød & Salatbar (sandwich shop), Sten Golman (men’s clothing store), Skovalfen (toy store), Solar Plexus (massage & wellness), Frisør Hans 2 (hair salon), Risteriet Coffee, København K Secondhand (store), Cafe Nutid, The Log Lady (bar), The Tattoo Parlour, Copenhagen Body Extremes (body piercing), The Living Room (cafe), Tea:licious Cafe (bubble tea), Krebsegaarden (restaurant), Ciderbar, Sm-Shop (adult store), SEX BEAT RECORDS (record store), Kester Thomas (bar), Clausens Kunsthandel (art gallery), Fair Tattoo, Skt. Peders Bageri (bakery), peders (bar), Next Door Cafe, Kila Jewels Copenhagen, Kyros & Co. (lounge), Natural Poteket (health food store), Fantask (comic book store), Cafe Salonen, Couloir No. 35 (coffee shop), Restaurant Meille, ASK – Analog Spilleklub (bar), Dimidi (hair salon), Bike Copenhagen with Mike, Kariskicks (shoe store), Lola Ramona Shop, Restaurant Mes, Troelstrup (clothing store) and more.

Gammeltorv, Hans Christian Andersen Fairy-Tale House and Copenhagen City Hall are 0.2 miles, Vesterport Station and Danish Design Center are 0.3 miles, The National Museum of Denmark is 0.5 miles, The Hirschsprung Collection is 0.9 miles, The Little Mermaid is 1.6 miles and Copenhagen Airport is 4.7 miles from this location.


Giuseppe Zanotti EU


STAY Copenhagen

Islands Brygge 79A, Amager Vest

How to Stay in Copenhagen

What’s happening?

Offering free WiFi, gym access, sea views, fully-equipped kitchens, washing machines and dryers and flat-screen TVs, STAY Copenhagen has a two-bedroom penthouse apartment rental option and is secluded near Saxkjær A-Huset (hair salon) and Irma (supermarket).

Mogens Dahl Concert Hall is 0.5 miles, Meatpacking District Copenhagen is 0.8 miles, Copenhagen Central Station, Copenhagen Christmas Market and Tivoli Gardens are 1 mile, The Round Tower is 1.6 miles, Frederiksberg Slot and The David Collection are 1.9 miles and Copenhagen Airport is 3.8 miles from this location.



Terrace City Centre Penthouse

Nørre Voldgade 80, 6 sal

How to Stay in Copenhagen

What’s going on?

With free WiFi, a terrace, city views and a fully-equipped kitchen with dishwasher and oven, Terrace City Centre Penthouse is situated close to: Gastronomisk Innovation (restaurant), Chokolade Paradis, SuitsYou (formal wear store), Durum Bar (restaurant), Baguette Company (pizza restaurant), The Jazzcup (jazz club), Restaurant Schønnemann, Anemonen (performing arts theater), Restaurant El Meson, Royal Pancake (creperie), GRØD (restaurant), Torvehallerne (fresh food market), ĀŠĀ Spice (spice store), Sushi Tsukiji (Japanese restaurant), Selma (Danish restaurant), Botanical Garden, The Olive Kitchen & Bar, Folketeatret (performing arts theater), Sømods Bolcher (candy store) and more.

From here you’ll find Workers Museum, Rundetaarn, The Round Tower and Rosenborg Palace 0.2 miles, King’s Garden and Gråbrødretorv 0.3 miles, The David Collection 0.4 miles, The Little Mermaid 1.2 miles and Copenhagen Airport 4.8 miles.


Approximate cost per night


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Penthouse Apartment 1135

Sydhavnen, 2450

How To Stay In Copenhagen

And here?

Apartment 1135 has nice views and is located near: Mille’s Minis (patisserie), Yum (yoga cafe), Roma Pizzeria, Rallys (brasserie), Sydhavnsslagteren ApS (butcher shop), Wai Mai (Asian kitchen) and more.

Meatpacking District Copenhagen is 1.4 miles, Mogens Dahl Concert Hall is 1.5 miles, Copenhagen Central Station and Orestad Metro Station are 1.8 miles, Royal Arena and Copenhagen Zoo are 1.9 miles, Rosenborg Palace is 2.8 miles and Copenhagen Airport is 4.2 miles from this property.


Approximate cost per night: $408

Cost per person (four people): $102


So there they are, Copenhagen’s top penthouse rental options. We hope you have found your perfect Copenhagen penthouse accommodation and most importantly, that you enjoy your Copenhagen stay!

16 Replies to “How To Stay In Copenhagen – Penthouses”

  1. That water scene alone at STAY Copenhagen caught my eye, just edging out the modernized look of Hotel Herman K, my obvious second choice on this list. But as I stated on some of your previous posts, I’m far more of a nature guy, so if I can get a view of gardens, forested scenery, and in this case, water, I’m interested.

    From your description, it seems this penthouse is located a little outside of Copenhagen, which is fine for me, and being a workout warrior, gym access is another motivator for coming to STAY Copenhagen, especially if I can workout with a sea view. You just can’t beat that.

    I stated on your About page that the Nordic nations are my number one destination for world traveling, so this penthouse is in reality a serious contender when I can afford world traveling on a regular basis.

    1. Thanks again, Todd! STAY Copenhagan is definitely eye-catching. Working out with a sea view…boom! All the best to you.

  2. I have a plan for business trip in Copenhagen, so this list is definitely helpful. I love the modern look of Hotel Herman K. There are many restaurant and bars around it, so it definitely a plus point for me. The location is near my business partner’s place, so we can easily meet up near this place. I will check to book this place. Thank you so much.

  3. Copenhagen has been a place that I’ve always dreamed of visiting, but as I don’t have a lot of money for travel yet haven’t done a lot of research.

    I was surprised to read that the highs in summer for only 60 Degrees F… is it best to travel in summer I assume then? What are their temps winter-wise?

    While Hotel Herman K, and STAY Copenhagen really caught my eye as they look like a beautiful place to stay. My favorite Copenhagen Penthouse was Axel Guldsmeden specifically for it’s view! Plus it’s close a ton of various types of stores and restaurants.

    Let’s be realistic though any of these options would be great places to stay…

    I can’t wait to be able to visit this place!

    1. Hi Josh. Average summer temperatures range in mid 60s while average highs are closer to 70s. The record high is almost 93 degrees so it can get hot there. Conversely winters average at around the freezing point while the record low is -15 degrees. Glad you found a favorite and thank you for commenting!

  4. This looks amazing. Now, a friend of mine went to there, and she said that it is a beautiful city, with nice people. We will go to there, maybe in a couple of years, because I’m curious about it. They say the people are nicer than here, and I want to see that. Thanks for sharing it, we can already see where to stay! 

  5. I love Axel Guldsmeden and STAY Copenhagen. I’m not sure which to choose, though. Probably, I’ll choose STAY Copenhagen because it has the sea view, which is beautiful!

    Hotel Herman K looks very fine – nice colours and it even has stairs that I love in a penthouse- but after seeing the sea view, I’m a goner. 

  6. If I was to ever to be able to tour Europe, I definitely would want to visit Copenhagen. The Incredible City Center Penthouse caught my eye as the perfect place to relax in and close enough to restaurants and shopping. Just minutes away from the airport means that upon arrival I could be lost in paradise in no time. 

    How many quests are allowed at one time in a three bedroom penthouse?

  7. Thank you\What a unique journey. How pleasant the photographic tour of distinctive furnishings and design. Beautiful views and directions of historic Copenhagen and a wealth of tourist information makes a trip quite likely in the future for me. Thank you for the virtual stroll through Copenhagen’s room and board. A new destination has emerged.

  8. My main priority would be finding a place with good gym access. Like for me I want to know every piece of gym equipment they have how high there dumbbells go what type of cable attachments they have everything. I am really really into weight lifting so if I go anywhere then the question how will I do my workouts? Comes to mind.

    But I am sure they have some good gyms there. I am not really that interested in bars because I don’t drink and not really in coffee places because I don’t consume caffeine but it would be important to me that they have healthy gluten free food options or just like a grocery store where I could buy my own food and cooking myself.

    I like socializing though so I would like to know if there are any meetings in the area and that kind of thing. I’m a member of some worldwide fellowships and they have meetings all around the world so I might want to pick the place closest to the meetings.

    Thank you for the suggestions and the pictures were nice to look at. I will probably be back in the future.

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