Hotels in Rome in Italy

If you seek hotels in Rome in Italy then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve hand-picked the best Rome penthouse accommodations to help you in your booking search. Also, to go along with these hotels in Rome in Italy, we’ve included the best local attractions. Finding hotels in Rome in Italy does not have to be a challenging and lengthy task. Penthouses are a great way to stay luxuriously and yet affordably, especially when traveling in a group. Before we get you there, let’s take a look at some background information on the city.

Rome, the capital of Italy, has a population of over 2.8 million people. Located in central-west Italy along the Tiber River, Rome has within its limits Vatican City, which is the smallest country in the world. The story of Romulus and Remus dates the founding of Rome to around 753 BC. Stretching across Europe and into northern Africa and the Middle East, the Roman Empire lasted from 27 BC to 1453 AD. Today, remnants of the Roman Empire still stand, most notably the Colosseum, which was capable of seating 60,000 spectators.

Rome enjoys a Mediterranean climate, with mild temperatures throughout the year. Summer high temperatures average in the mid-80s Fahrenheit. On average, Rome hosts between 7 and 10 million tourists per year, who travel to see Rome’s historical architecture, art, natural beauty and villas. Major points of interest in Rome include Roman ForumPantheonTrajan’s MarketCircus MaximusBaths of CaracallaCastel Sant’AngeloMausoleum of AugustusArca PacisArch of ConstantinePyramid of CestiusTemple of AesculapiusTrevi Fountaintalking statues of RomePiazza del PopoloPonte Vittorio Emanuele IIParco della MusicaTeatro dell’Opera di RomaSpanish StepsOstia Lido BeachMAXXI and Olympic Stadium. In truth, ancient Roman architecture will not last forever. As such, you owe it to yourself when possible to catch a glimpse of these amazing structures with your own eyes. Now that we have some background information on the city, it’s time to get you to hotels in Rome in Italy that will help provide for an unforgettable experience.




Cola di Rienzo Luxury Penthouse

Via Cola di Rienzo 217, Vaticano Prati

How To Travel In Rome Italy

What’s around?

With free WiFi, a flat-screen TV in every room, air conditioning, chromotherapy lights, free toiletries, steam showers, hot tubs, saunas, multi functional showers and international breakfast, Cola di Rienzo Penthouse is located near Girodolio (sandwich shop), MAT & SIMON (boutique), PAM (supermarket), Ottaviani (bar), Luisa Spangnoli (women’s clothing store), Bertozzini Perfumery, Abitart Roma (women’s clothing store), Castroni (gourmet grocery store), Marinella Pizza, Studio Yoga Jaya, Flower Burger (vegan restaurant), Hiromi Cake and more.

This location is 0.3 miles from Piazza del Risorgimento, Ottaviano Metro Station and Lepanto Metro Station, 0.4 miles from Adriano Theatre, Castel Sant’Angelo, Piazza Cavour and St. Angelo Bridge, 0.5 miles from Vittorio Emanuele II Bridge, Santo Spirito General Hospital, Vatican Museums and St Peter’s Square, 0.6 miles from St. Peter’s Basilica, 0.8 miles from Piazza Navona, 1.6 miles from Roman Forum, 1.9 miles from Stadio Olimpico and The Colosseum and 13.4 miles from Fiumicino Airport.

Approximate cost per night: $288

Cost per person (four people): $73





Eve Penthouse Colosseo

Via di San Giovanni in Laterano 28, Rione Monti

How To Travel In Rome Italy

The Coliseum Rome Italy

Just 350 feet from, and featuring amazing views of, the Coliseum, Eve Penthouse Colosseo features 2 bedrooms, free WiFi, a dishwasher, an oven, a flat-screen TV and an iPod docking station. It can be found close to Pane & Vino (sandwich shop), Contrario (Italian restaurant), Wineconcept (wine bar), Numen Art Gallery & Cocktail Bar, Ristorante Crab, Baker Boss, Divin Ostilla (Italian restaurant), Gelateria da Costanza (ice cream shop), Grammo Bistro Ar Ceilo (restaurant), del Monte’s (Italian restaurant) and more.

From here Domus Aurea and The Coliseum Rome Italy are 0.1 miles, Colosseo Metro Station and Arch of Costantine are 0.2 miles, Sacred Road is 0.3 miles, Palatine Hill, Cavour Metro Station, Santa Maria ai Monti, Brancaccio Theatre and Piazza della Madonna dei Monti are 0.4 miles, Roman Forum is 0.5 miles, Roma Termini is 0.8 miles, Castel Sant’Angelo is 1.7 miles, St. Peter’s Basilica is 2.2 miles and Fiumicino Airport is 14.2 miles.

Approximate cost per night: $275

Cost per person (six people): $45




Leam - Luxury Shopping Online




Atticus Forum Luxury Penthouse

Via Cavour, 211, Rione Monti

How To Travel In Rome Italy

Santa Maria ai Monti

Atticus Rome Penthouse offers free WiFi, chic furnishings, air-conditioning, leather sofas, a fireplace, a flat-screen TV, 2 marbled bathrooms with free toiletries and a hair dryer and a large furnished balcony. It’s near Er caffettiere (bar), Tentazioni Urbane (ice cream shop), Sciuè Sciuè (restaurant), Caffe Bohemien, Crêpes Galettes Roma, Pizzeria Boccaccia (pizza restaurant), Gelateria dell’Angeletto (ice cream shop), Ce Stamo A Pensà (Southern Italian restaurant), Pizzeria Leonina Roma, La Licata (bar), Doctor Green Cannabis and more.

You may find Cavour Metro Station within feet, Piazza della Madonna dei Monti and Santa Maria ai Monti 0.1 miles, Church San Domenico, Colosseo Metro Station, Angelicum Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas, Domus Aurea, Regia, Santa Prassede and The Colosseum 0.3 miles, Roman Forum 0.4 miles, Roma Termini 0.6 miles, Trevi Fountain 0.7 miles, Piazza di Spagna 0.9 miles, Campo de’ Fiori 1.1 miles and Fiumicino Airport 14.3 miles from this penthouse.

Approximate cost per night: $655

Cost per person (six people): $110




Spanish Steps Luxury Penthouse

Via Del Tritone 94, Trevi

How To Travel In Rome Italy

Piazza Barberini Rome

Featuring air conditioning, city views, free WiFi, a fully-equipped kitchen and a coffee machine, Spanish Steps Luxury Penthouse is found near The Gelatist Via del Tritone (ice cream shop), Gagosian (art gallery), Gunther (ice cream shop), Crispi 19 (seafood restaurant), Trecaffe, Hostaria Romana (Roman restaurant), Colline Emiliane (restaurant), Alimentari (supermarket) and more.

Sistina Theatre, Piazza Barberini Rome and Barberini Metro Station are 0.1 miles, Quirinale Palace and Trevi Fountain are 0.2 miles, Trinita dei Monti, Via dei Crociferi, La Rinascente, Spanish Steps, Piazza di Spagna and Via Condotti are 0.3 miles, Roman Forum is 0.7 miles, Piazza Navona and Roma Termini are 0.8 miles, Campo de’ Fiori and The Colosseum are 0.9 miles, Stadio Olimpico is 2.7 miles and Fiumicino Airport is 14.3 miles from this locale.

Approximate cost per night (penthouse apartment): $597

Cost per person (twelve people): $50




Hotels in Milan Italy



Vista Penthouse

Via di Pietra 70, Pantheon

How To Travel In Rome Italy

Piazza Colonna Rome

Vista Penthouse features free WiFi, a flat-screen TV, city views, air conditioning, a hairdryer, a seating area, a dining area and a fully-equipped kitchen. Nearby you may find Tazza d’oro Caffe, Taverna del Seminario (Italian restaurant), Pietro al Pentheon (Roman restaurant), Pantheon, Fontana del Pantheon (fountain), L’Antica Salumeria (butcher shop deli), Buccianti Gelateria (ice cream shop), Grano (Mediterranean restaurant), Gastronomia Sant’Eustachio (deli), Contatti (ice cream shop), Ristorante Settimio, Osteria del Sostegno (restaurant) and more.

Piazza di Pietra is 0.1 miles, Galleria Alberto Sordi, Piazza Colonna Rome and Via dei Crociferi are 0.1 miles, La Rinascente, Doria Pamphilj Gallery, Santa Maria Maddalena, Trevi Fountain, Piazza della Rotonda and Pantheon are 0.2 miles, Piazza Navona and Piazza di Spagna are 0.4 miles, Campo de’ Fiori is 0.5 miles, Roman Forum is 0.6 miles, Castel Sant’Angelo is 0.7 miles, The Colosseum is 0.9 miles and Fiumicino Airport is 13.9 miles from this spot.

Approximate cost per night: $250

Cost per person (four people): $63





Trevi Charming Penthouse

Via di Pietra 87 interno 9 – IV

How To Travel In Rome Italy

Piazza di Pietra Rome

Providing air conditioning, free WiFi, a seating area and a hairdryer, Trevi Charming Penthouse is in the vicinty of Ristorante Il Falchetto (restaurant), Vanchi (chocolate shop), Palazzo Ferrajoli (palace), AS Roma (sportswear store), Enoteca Spiriti (restaurant), 28piazzadipietra (art gallery), II Panino Ingegnoso (sandwich shop), Salotto42 (cocktail bar), Il Tempio di Adriano, Palazzo Sciarra, Bar San Marcello and more.

This penthouse is within feet of Piazza di Pietra Rome, 0.1 miles from Galleria Alberto Sordi, Piazza Colonna and Via dei Crociferi, 0.2 miles from La Rinascente, Doria Pamphilj Gallery, Trevi Fountain, Santa Maria Maddalena, Piazza della Rotonda and Pantheon, 0.4 miles from Piazza Navona and Piazza di Spagna, 0.5 miles from Campo de’ Fiori, 0.6 miles from Roman Forum, 1.1 miles from Roma Termini, 1.3 miles from St. Peter’s Basilica and 13.9 miles from Fiumicino Airport.

Approximate cost per night: $565

Cost per person (seven people): $80




The Webster



Viale delle Milizie Penthouse

Viale delle Milizie 142, Vaticano Prati

How To Travel In Rome Italy

Vatican Museums Official Site

Housed in a 1930 building, Viale delle Milizie Penthouse has air conditioning, a terrace, city views, free WiFi, a flat-screen TV, a fully-equipped kitchen and a washing machine. Dolce Maniera (cake shop), Ristorante Nicò, Caffè dell’Arco (espresso bar), Luma Bistrò (Italian restaurant), Sfiziarte (sandwich shop), Il Colibrì (Roman restaurant), Jet lag, Pizzeria Pummarella, Tommi’s Burger Joint, Four Green Fields (Irish pub) and more are all within range.

From here Ottaviano Metro Station is 0.2 miles, Vatican Museums Official Site and Piazza del Risorgimento are 0.3 miles, Cipro Metro Station is 0.5 miles, Lepanto Metro Station, The Vatican, St Peter’s Square and St. Peter’s Basilica are 0.6 miles, Castel Sant’Angelo and Santo Spirito General Hospital are 0.8 miles, Piazza Navona is 1.2 miles, Via Condotti is 1.3 miles, Roman Forum is 2 miles, PalaLottomatica Arena is 5.9 miles and Fiumicino Airport is 13.3 miles.

Approximate cost per night: $175




Giuseppe Zanotti Design US



Penthouse Navona Bramante

Corsia Agonale, Navona

How To Travel In Rome Italy

Santa Maria della Pace Rome

Penthouse Novana Bramante has a terrace, free WiFi, a living room with a flat-screen TV, a Blu-ray player and a fully-equipped kitchen  Chiostro Del Bramante (bar), Cantina Belsiana al Fico, Drink Art Gallery (cocktail bar), La Saletta (karaoke bar), Etablì (lounge), Vega Food Roma (restaurant), Solopasta (restaurant), Ex Circus (bistro), Risotteria Melotti Roma (rice restaurant), The Shape Salon, Pasticceria Roma (bar), Rosamunda’s (pizza restaurant), Gelateria I Tre Archi (sundae restaurant) and more.

You’ll see Piazza Navona within feet, Embassy of Brazil and Santa Maria della Pace Rome 0.1 miles, Sant’Agostino, Piazza della Rotonda, Pantheon, Santa Maria Maddalena and Torre Argentina 0.2 miles, Campo de’ Fiori and Teatro Argentina 0.3 miles, Castel Sant’Angelo, Trevi Fountain and Via Condotti 0.5 miles, Piazza di Spagna 0.6 miles, Roman Forum 0.8 miles and Fiumicino Airport 13.5 miles from this locale.

Approximate cost per night: $156

Cost per person (four people): $39





Spagna Glamour Life Penthouse

Via Angelo Brunetti 37, Spagna

How To Travel In Rome Italy

Piazza del Popolo Rome

Spagna Glamour Life Penthouse offers parquet floors, a terrace with a dining area and scenic views, a fully-equipped kitchen, a coffee machine and a flat-screen TV. It can be found close to Bartorelli Hair Couture (hair salon), Rokko (Japanese restaurant), Casa Ripetta (Italian restaurant), Ristorante Ad Hoc (restaurant), Sartoria Ripense (dressmaker), La Buca di Ripetta (restaurant), PataPinsa (restaurant), Il Grifone (clothing store), Antica Macelleria Annibale (butcher shop), Brand Poggi (art supply store), Jean Louis David (hair salon), Antica Osteria Brunetti (restaurant), David Hamilton (boutqiue) and more.

Piazza del Popolo Rome is 0.1 miles, Piazzale Flaminio, Pincian Hill, Flaminio Metro Station, Ara Pacis and Via Margutta are 0.2 miles, Flaminio Train Station and Adriano Theatre are 0.3 miles, Piazza Cavour and Via Condotti are 0.4 miles, Trevi Fountain and Piazza Navona are 0.7 miles, Vatican Museums and St. Peter’s Basilica are 1.1 miles, The Colosseum is 1.6 miles and Fiumicino Airport is 14 miles from this location.

Approximate cost per night: $335

Cost per person (six people): $56








Trastevere Charming Penthouse

11 Vicolo del Bologna, Trastevere

How To Travel In Rome Italy

Basilica di Santa Maria Trastevere

With a terrace, free WiFi, a washing machine, air conditioning, a hairdryer, a seating area, a dining area and a fully-equipped kitchen, Trastevere Charming Penthouse is near Bar del Cinque (pub), La Trattoria de Gli Amici (restaurant), Vendita Libri, Cioccolata e Vino (chocolate cafe), La Parolaccia & sons (night club), Dr. Weed (cannabis store), Mr. Brown Pub, Dust of Time (antique store), La Tognazza al Douze (comedy club), Glass Hostaria (restaurant), Pasta e Vino Osteria – Com ‘na Vorta Roma (restaurant), Otello (Roman restaurant), Almalu Trastevere (cocktail bar), Prosciutteria Trastevere – Cantina dei Papi (Italian restaurant), Old Bridge Gelateria Trastevere (ice cream shop), Ristorante La Scala in Trastevere (restaurant) and more.

From this penthouse you may find Piazza Trilussa, Basilica di Santa Maria Trastevere and Piazza di Santa Maria Trastevere 0.1 miles, Villa Farnesina 0.2 miles, Embassy of France and Campo de’ Fiori 0.3 miles, Ospedale Nuovo Regina Margherita, Gianicolo, Tiber Island and Fatebenefratelli Hospital 0.4 miles, Piazza Navona 0.6 miles, Castel Sant’Angelo and Roman Forum 0.8 miles, Roma Termini 1.8 miles, Roma Termini 3 miles and Fiumicino Airport 13.1 miles.

Approximate cost per night (penthouse apartment): $270

Cost per person (four people): $68




G2G Limited - Go2Games



Penthouse Cardello Colosseum

Via dar Cardello 16

How To Travel In Rome Italy

Palatine Hill Rome

Occupying a 19th century building, Penthouse Cardello Colosseum offers 3 bedrooms, free WiFi, air conditioning, a terrace, a flat-screen TV, a dining area, a fully-equipped kitchen, a balcony with city views and bicycle rental service. Encaustic Art, Le Terme del Colosseo (Italian restaurant), Iari The Vino (restaurant), La Prezzemolina (pizza restaurant), The Sweet Life (ice cream shop) and more are in the vicinity.

This building is 0.1 miles from Colosseo Metro Station, Regia and Santa Maria ai Monti, 0.2 miles from Via Sacra, Piazza della Madonna dei Monti, The Colosseum, Arch of Constantine, Church San Domenico, Palatine Hill Rome and Angelicum Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas, 0.3 miles from Roman Forum, 0.7 miles from Trevi Fountain, 0.8 miles from Roma Termini, 0.9 miles from Campo de’ Fiori, 1.4 miles from Castel Sant’Angelo and 14 miles from Fiumicino Airport.

Approximate cost per night (three bedroom): $368

Cost per person (seven people): $53




Piazza Barberini Penthouse

Piazza Barberini 45

How To Travel In Rome Italy

Spanish Steps Rome Italy

Piazza Barberini Penthouse has free WiFi, air conditioning, a flat-screen TV, a kitchenette, an electric kettle and a coffee machine. It’s near Charlotte (restaurant), Pesceria Barberini (seafood restaurant), Gino Bar, Alice Pizza, Red Square (restaurant), Enoteca Giampiccolo Roma (wine bar), Fraschetteria (restaurant), Barberini Scooters For Rent, Grocery Store, Ristorante All’Ombra Del Quirinale (Italian restaurant) and more.

Barberini Metro Station and Piazza Barberini are within feet, Sistina Theatre is 0.1 miles, Quirinale Palace is 0.2 miles, Embassy of the United States, Chiesa di Santa Susanna alle Terme di Diocleziano, Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Trevi Fountain and Trinita dei Monti are 0.3 miles, Spanish Steps Rome Italy are Piazza di Spagna are 0.4 miles, Roma Termini is 0.7 miles, Roman Forum is 0.8 miles, Piazza Navona and The Colosseum are 0.9 miles, Vatican Museums is 1.8 miles and Fiumicino Airport is 14.4 miles from this property.

Approximate cost per night (royal suite): $582

Cost per person (four people): $142





So there you have it, the best penthouse rental options that Rome has to offer. We hope you have found your perfect Roman accommodation and most importantly, that you enjoy your time in Italy!

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  1. What a large array of facilities you have presented. As well as the proximity to places of interest as well as stores and other conveniences a traveller can ever want. 

    I have visited Italy, and especially Rome, several times. On one visit near the Coliseum I was almost had my wallet stolen by a gaggle of 12 year old gypsy boys. I managed to get my hand into my pocket just in time to feel one of the boys hands inside there. Of course they ran away once they failed in their attempt. Looking for their next victim no doubt. One needs to be careful.

    I love penthouses as they provide a feeling of space as well as having great views of the surroundings. Any of these facilities would work wonderfully for me. 

    You didn’t talk about the actual price range of these properties. I would have appreciated some price comparisons too. I know I could find that out by going to their respective websites. May I ask why you didn’t?  

    Oh, I wish I was catching the next fight to Rome! 

    1. Hi Edwin, your advice is very helpful, thank you! Pricing depends on a lot of factors, most notably proximity to traveling relative to booking, but your comments will be taken into consideration. Happy travels to you!

  2. I’m VERY interested in traveling to Rome, Italy in the next couple months. I’m impressed with the Cola di Rienzo Luxury Penthouse, I will definitely be trying to stay there at least a couple nights! The other penthouse that caught my eye was the Trastevere Charming Penthouse. It is sleek and contemporary. When you go to Italy I think it is important to stay in luxury hotels because it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. All the penthouses you’ve listed are extremely appealing, and I can’t wait to go to Rome! Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Katy and thank you for your kind comments! So glad you were able to narrow down a couple of your favorites. Best wishes to you on your Rome trip 😌

  3. Thanks so much for the pictures of the penthouses and your attention to detail. I find your website very addictive. 

    I think if I have to choose one it would be the Piazza Barberini. I chose this one because of the fact that it has a lot of bedrooms and I was planning a trip for the entire family.

    I also wanted to rent the scooters and go see the palace.The list of restaurants helps give a variety of options for food.

     I really thank you for allowing me to see all my options and be able to make a choice depending on what I want my vacation to be.



    1. Hi Lynda, glad to hear you found a particular interest in Piazza Barberini. Multiple bedrooms is one of the features that makes penthouses so great. Thank you again for stopping by!

  4. Hello, I really appreciate your time and effort on writing about all these great places to go to in Rome which is probably the place I will take my wife to on our honeymoon. I especially like the Viale delle Milizie Penthouse with it’s amazing city views. The outdoor patio is a great place to have a glass of wine and spend some time with friends.
    The way you laid it out is perfect and informative. Thanks for this article.

    1. Hello Son, thank you for the comments! Glad to hear you are considering Rome for your honeymoon, excellent choice. Happy travels and congratulations 😊

  5. I must say your website is a boon for travelers as you make it so easy for them to make the correct choices by doing the research and saving the time and hassle for them.

    It would have been great if you would have mentioned the price of each of the penthouses in your list. It would have helped to finalize the respective penthouse.

    However, can you please let me know what’s the best way to find out the individual price of the penthouses mentioned in your post? And what sort of discounts or promotional offers are available and whats the best way one I can get them?



    1. Hi Nick and thank you for the comments! Pricing depends on on when you are booking and how much availability there is. Supply and demand does play a role. Sometimes there will be discounts posted on the site but most of the time pricing is consistent. Thanks again for stopping by!

  6. This is another great article from pentrental. Have I admitted before that this is one of my favorite website? I like how you bring us amazing spaces and ideas of where our next holiday destination could be. They always give me a feeling of what life on the other side of the world is.

    Spagna Glamour Life Penthouse looks a dream vacation house. I love how all these places have great amenities like fully furnished rooms and of course, the scenic views. This will complete any visit for sure.

    Thank you so much for the amazing reviews.

  7. I have never been to Rome but it is one of those historical places I would love to see one day.  The penthouses you present besides having lovely views are close to many tourist attractions as well as needed services.  They look lovely and would make guests feel like they were living in palace rooms.  It would be a way to spoil themselves for a short duration.

  8. What a fascinating selection of modern and exquisite accommodations provided by these penthouses. It is going to be a hard choice to decide which one is going to the best. I see that some of them are air-conditioned, can you tell me what kind of temperatures to expect there in Rome in the summertime?  We are planning a trip next year so we need to know what clothes will be the best to wear on our trip. Thank you for giving us a preview of what to expect for accommodations when we travel.

    1. Thank you Kenneth! Rome summers are quite pleasant with average highs in the upper 70s and average lows in the mid-60s, so shorts and t-shirts throughout the day should suit you just fine.

  9. I have been to Rome once in 2026 on a tourist trip and really it was the first time I did that. I didn’t know it could be boring bit it didn’t stop the fact that Rome is a very beautiful place to be in. I really loved gazing at the beauty in it’s entirety. From the list you have here, I love the Via Cola di Rienzo 217, Vaticano Prati. It has everything that I need around it. Makes it look easy for me to just want to go there already. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Oh my! Italy has always been a place of the beauties and wonders to me because it harboured the gods. However, that has nothing to do with the various beauties of the penthouses present in here around. It has some really magnifying strictures and I kind of really like those. Well! I think they would be worthwhile to checkout anytime I visit Italy next

    1. Harboured the gods, that is awesome Ella. Hopefully you get to check out these hotels in Rome in Italy very soon and thank you for the comments!

  11. Hello, I am a lover of traveling and site seeing and Italy is one place that has a lot of places to go. I once visited Turin and as a difficult time getting an hotel and this time i am not making that mistake again. Rome has some really nice hotels and i and really drawn to these hotels by what they have to offer and the comfort i can get for staying there. The Via Cola di Rienzo 217, Vaticano Prati is a really nice place and love the Wifi available there. 

    1. HI Benson and thanks for the comments. Cola di Rienzo Luxury Penthouse is a fine choice with its flat-screen TVs, air conditioning, chromotherapy lights, steam showers, hot tubs, saunas, international breakfast with fresh produce and yes, free WiFi! Thanks for checking out these hotels in Rome in Italy and happy travels!

  12. Hi there,

    I really liked Eve Penthouse Colosseo. It has a marvelous location and the price is super affordable. I’m a photographer and I can imagine myself taking tons of pictures from that balcony down to the Coliseum. This has excited me.

    Thank you very much for this nice list of options. You’ve helped me to choose one I will enjoy very much!

    1. Hi Ann 🙂 Eve Penthouse Colosseo located just 350 feet from The Coliseum Rome Italy has free WiFi, a fully-equipped kitchen, a flat-screen TV, an iPod docking station and a sun terrace, making it a fine choice indeed. Its location alone makes it one of our top hotels in Rome in Italy choices. Glad to see your excitement and hope to see you again soon!

  13. Hello, such a nice and informative article. Thanks for taking out time to writie on such an amazing article. All these are indeed nice places one could actually visit in Rome, you’ve succeeded in making once journey a very easy and less stressful one by outlining these beautiful places with great features and qualities. I love the Viale delle Milizie Penthouse with it’s amazing city views. Thanks for this article.

    1. Sheddy you’re welcome and thanks for the comments. Glad you appreciate the places to visit in Rome as well as Viale delle Milizie Penthouse. It’s a fine choice!

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