How To Travel To Chile

How to travel to Chile can be an exciting qustion to consider. Santiago is a wonderful place to find monuments, museums, entertainment centers, sports and natural beauty. When you’re thinking about how to travel to Chile you might do well to consider some background information on the country and city of Santiago itself. Santiago is known for its beautiful boutique hotels. Below you’ll find a few as well and some of the best penthouse accommodations has to offer. But before we decide on how to travel to Chile let’s take a quick look at some background information on the city.

Santiago, the capital and largest city in Chile, has over 6.4 million inhabitants. Situated in the center of the Santiago Basin, which consists of fertile lands surrounded by snow-capped mountains, Santiago enjoys a semi-arid climate with Mediterranean patterns. High temperatures range from the 90s to 50s degrees Fahrenheit from summer to winter. The founding of the city dates to 1541. Since then its existence has been threatened by indigenous attacks, earthquakes and series of floods, before a rapid progression into the bustling city that it is today.

Culture in Santiago is driven by its monuments, cultural activities, entertainment, museums, sports, recreation and religion. Points of interest include National Museum of Fine ArtsNational Historical MuseumNational Library of ChileNational Museum of Natural History Gran Torre SantiagoContemporary Art Museum of SantiagoFine Arts MuseumMetropolitan CathedralMunicipal Theatre of SantiagoGabriela Mistral Cultural CenterEstadio Nacional de ChileChilean National Zoo
Barrio Bellavista and Universidad de Chile. From exploring the Barrio Bellavista neighborhood to visiting the many museums to skiing the snow-capped mountains, your quest on how to travel to Chile begins now.


Hotel Eco Boutique Bida

 Av. Vitacura, 4873

How To Travel To Chile

What’s around?

Hotel Eco Boutique Bida  offers a standard apartment with two bedrooms, an outdoor swimming pool surrounded by gardens, a cozy restaurant with a terrace, complementary welcome drinks, free WiFi, free parking, cozy rooms, safety deposit boxes, air conditioning and balconies. Nearby you’ll find Energy Fitness Club, Danes (restaurant), El Tamarugo Walk (shopping mall), Museo de la Moda (museum), Budh Cafe, Lenas Restaurant, Emporio Vitacura (cafe), Smart Fit, Restaurant Miraolas and more.

This location is 0.6 miles from Parque Arauco Mall, 0.7 miles from KidZania Santiago and Parque Araucano, 1 mile from Parque Bicentenario Santiago, 1.3 miles from Apumanque Mall, 1.8 miles from Hard Rock Cafe Santiago and Costanera Center, 2.1 miles from Santiago Cable Car, 2.3 miles from Alto Las Condes, 6.1 miles from Museo de la Memoria Santiago and 12 miles from Arturo Merino Benitez Airport.





Duplex Penthouse El Golf

Augusto Leguia Norte 101

How To Travel To Chile

Near here?

Featuring two bedrooms, mountain views, a fully-equipped kitchen, a dining area, a flat-screen TV and a hot tub, Duplex Penthouse El Golf can be found near Palacio Danubio Azul (restaurant), Le Pain Quotidien (restaurant),  Streat Burger, Cafetin (restaurant), The Greens (cafe), Schokoland Patagonia (chocolate house), Fuente Mardoqueo (restaurant), Milk Coffee-Bar and more.

From here you’ll find Hard Rock Cafe Santiago and Costanera Center 0.5 miles, CERRO SAN CRISTOBAL 0.9 miles, Santiago Cable Car 1 mile, Providencia 1.1 miles, Parque Bicentenario Santiago 1.2 miles, LOS DOMINICOS 1.6 miles Movistar Arena 4.9 miles, SCL 9.9 miles and Arturo Merino Benitez Airport 11.4 miles.





Penthouse Alcantara

Alcántara 987-1001

How To Travel To Chile


Penthouse Alcantara offers free WiFi, city and mountain views, a balcony, air conditioning and a flat-screen TV. It’s found near Trujillo Sisters (restaurant), Tigre Dorado (Chinese restaurant), Filippo Heladeria (ice cream shop), Starbucks, Dulceria Violeta (pie shop) and more.

Providencia, Costanera Center and Hard Rock Cafe Santiago are 1.3 miles, Apumanque Mall is 1.5 miles, Parque Araucano is 1.6 miles, Santiago Cable Car is 1.8 miles, Parque Bicentenario Santiago is 2 miles, Museum of Pre-Columbian Art is 4 miles and Arturo Merino Benitez Airport is 12.1 miles from this locale.






CasaSur Charming Hotel

Eduardo Hyatt 527

How To Travel To Chile


With free Wifi, safety deposit boxes, hairdryers, a 24-hour front desk, a garden, a terrace, luggage storage and free parking, CasaSur Charming Hotel is found close to Rubik Restobar, Sushi Tenshi, Pepperland Bar, Authentiko French Takos (French restaurant), Coteto Restaurant, Lalaleelu (pastry shop), Kao Bogati, Plaza Victoria (restaurant), peyuco (pizza restaurant), Restaurant Casa Juancho and more.

This location is 0.8 miles from Plaza Italia, 0.9 miles from Gabriela Mistral Cultural Centre, 1 mile from Museum of Visual Arts, Vicuña Mackenna Square, Archeological Museum of Santiago, Santa Lucia Hill and Patio Bellavista, 1.2 miles from La Chascona, 2.9 miles from Museo de la Memoria Santiago and 10.1 miles from Arturo Merino Benitez Airport.



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Lastarria 43-61

Jose Victorino Lastarria, 43

How To Travel To Chile

Historic Quarter

Lastarria 43-61 offers free WiFi, modern kitchen facilities, separate living areas, whirlpool showers and private balconies. Close to these stylish apartments are Alameda Boulevard (shopping mall), Shivano (game store), Comida Rapida Okinawa (Taiwanese restaurant), Panko (sushi restaurant), Jose Ramon 277 (bar), Emporio La Rosa (ice cream shop), Casa Lastarria (Chilean restaurant), Ulises Lastarria (book store), Cafe 339, Tren Al Sur Cafeteria, Barra Experimental (cafe) and more.

From here Gabriela Mistral Cultural Centre is 0.1 miles, Museum of Visual Arts, Archeological Museum of Santiago and Santa Lucia Hill are 0.2 miles, Vicuña Mackenna Square, Forestal Park and Chilean National Museum of Fine Arts are 0.3 miles, Patio Bellavista is 0.5 miles, Museum of Pre-Columbian Art and La Chascona are 0.7 miles, Costanera Center is 2.5 miles and Arturo Merino Benitez Airport is 9.3 miles from this property.



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Hotel Magnolia

Paseo Huerfanos 539

How To Travel To Chile

City Center

Hotel Magnolia has vintage decor, free WiFi, complementary breakfast, extra long beds, slippers, mini-bars, coffee machines, flat-screen TVs, safety deposit boxes, air conditioning, room service, a library and a terrace. It’s near Milagritos (tea store), Natfood (natural goods store), Sendero (memorial park), La Antigua Bodeguita (restaurant), Tostaduria Talca (bakery), Enrilo (chocolate shop), Albedrio (hamburger restaurant), RestoBar and more.

Santa Lucia Hill is half a block, Vicuña Mackenna Square, Municipal Theatre of Santiago, Archeological Museum of Santiago, Museum of Visual Arts, Chilean National Library and Chilean National Museum of fine Arts are 0.2 miles, Red House Santiago and San Agustin Temple are 0.3 miles, Museum of Pre-Columbian Art is 0.5 miles, Patio Bellavista is 0.6 miles, La Chascona is 0.8 miles, Costanera Center is 2.6 miles and Arturo Merino Benitez Airport is 9.1 miles from this spot.





La Sebastiana Suites

San Sebastian, 2727

How To Travel To Chile

What’s going on?

Featuring free WiFi, parquet floors, fully-equipped kitchens, living rooms, flat-screen TVs, balconies with city views and air conditioning, La Sabastiana Suites is found near Leandro Gabanno (beauty salon), Flannery’s (Irish pub), Fuente Mardoqueo (restaurant) and more.

From here Hard Rock Cafe Santiago and Costanera Center are 0.3 miles, Santiago Cable Car is 0.8 miles, Providencia is 0.9 miles, Parque Bicentenario Santiago is 1.2 miles, San Cristobal Hill is 1.6 miles, Parque Araucano is 1.8 miles, KidZania Santiago is 1.9 miles and Arturo Merino Benitez Airport is 11.1 miles.



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Matildas Hotel Boutique

Agustinas 2149

How To Travel To Chile

And here?

Matildas Hotel Boutique offers free WiFi, spacious and bright rooms, daily breakfast, a 24-hour front desk, a garden, a terrace, meeting and laundry facilities. This boutique hotel is close to Blueys (bar & grill), Blondie Snack Bar, Bar Winner, Cosmopolitan (restaurant), Baires Sushi Club, Cafe Paris, Peperone (restaurant), Las Vacas Gordas (restaurant), Filippo (ice cream shop), El Pollo Barra (restaurant), Los Chinos Ricos (restaurant), Cafe Cronica Digital, Cafe Literario La Canela and more.

This location is 0.7 miles from Constitution Square, Palacio de La Moneda and Coliseo Santiago, 0.8 miles from Former National Congress Building, Victor Jara Stadium, O’Higgins Memorial, Museo de la Memoria Santiago and Museum of Pre-Columbian Art, 0.9 miles from The Cathedral of Santiago, 1.3 miles from Santa Lucia Hill, 1.4 miles from Movistar Arena, 1.9 miles from Patio Bellavista, 4.7 miles from Parque Bicentenario Santiago and  8 miles from Arturo Merino Benitez Airport.




So there they are, the best hotels Santiago, Chile has to offer. We hope you have found value in this post and most importantly, that you enjoy your Chile trip!

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  1. Wow, that is all I can really say.  I didn’t even know something like this existed.  I guess because my mind has never even thought about traveling in luxury to this extent.  Your pictures are incredible and the idea behind it is great too.  Now that I am getting older I want to travel in comfort.  I am spending a little more money when I travel just so that I feel comfortable where I am staying so I do not feel drained when I get back from my travels.  Hotels are a thing of the past. 

  2. Any place that has cultural festivities is a great destination.  Glad to  see that Santiago has quite a number of museums to visit. Hotel Eco Boutica looks cozy enough. I love the open space plan and the huge dining set. I also love the modern finishes.

    I also love the Duplex Penthouse El Golf. Feels like you are in the middle of the city. All those houses are super amazing. I like that they have put all the necessary amenities in place.

    As usual, another great post by pentrental. You give us such awesome places to visit. Thank you!

  3. Great post you have up here. Chile seems to me as a nation that is deeply rooted in culture and have high cultural monuments and values. I like learning more about different culture since it is one of our strongholds as humans. However, exploration to this country would not be worthwhile without retiring into one of the suggested penthouses listed here on this post. The ambience that radiates serenity oozes from most of the suggested houses and they are all luxuriously structured. Personally, I like the Penthouse Alcantara, it looks awesome and befitting to my taste. Thanks

  4. I like the first hotel with the outdoor swimming pool. Because it has the Energy Fitness club I would probably be able to enjoy exercising there. Hard Rock Cafe is interesting I went there once when I was younger but haven’t been back since. Thanks for saying the distances from a lot of the major places you would go because that is helpful. The pictures are really nice. After reading them all and looking at the pictures, the first hotel is definitely my favorite because I actually like the picture the best and the fact that there is a gym nearby. Reading your articles makes me want to travel. Thank you! Please keep writing articles like this.

  5. Wow, I never knew that Chile held so much beauty. One of my friends is planning on a vacation there and I was wondering why he would choose Chile of all places, I think I know better now. This is a luxury at its peak and I feel that if I’m going on any travels anytime soon, I should most definitely visit the beautiful country and especially Santiago. I’m sure the people are cool with visitors.

    1. Henderson thank you for the comments! Santiago has many beautiful boutique hotels. Glad to hear that Chile has sparked your interest and happy travels out there 🙂

  6. I was staring at that picture where there’s a balcony in Penthouse Alcantara and I noticed the foggy skyline of the city. It can be smog or real fog from cold weather. That reminds me of South Africa, it has an almost similar climate as they are on the same latitude of the Earth. A female friend who’s also a travel blogger just got home from her tour of South America, and although Chile was not in her itinerary but Brazil and Argentina, I think I have to invite her to accompany me the moment I visit Chile. And thanks for the tip, I now have in mind where to stay there.

    1. Gomer thank you for the insights. Chile is not always on the travel itinerary, but for those who are traveling or considering traveling to Chile they will be happy to know that there are actually some very beautiful boutique hotels there. Santiago being located in a basin and surrounded by mountains, there are some great nature and ski areas away from the smog and fog.

  7. Well its seem like the best just keep coming. I’ve read alot about the life style in Chile and the food there but little I know about these hotels. These penthouse are really cool and for lovers of the-view-of-the-city like myself, I believe these are some of the best offers one can get. I personally have interest ins Penthouse Acantara, its really nice. 

  8. Chile is not in my travel bucket list but based on your article it seems that it is a wonderful place to visit especially Santiago. I am sure the cultural heritage of Chile is as rich as my country since we were also colonized by the Spanish for more than 300 years. Maybe we share the same Spanish culture. If I go there, I would prefer the Penthouse Alcantara. I like the balcony where you can see the city and the mountains from a far. The view looks relaxing which is perfect for a vacation. 

    1. Dan thank you for the comments. Santiago probably isn’t on a lot of bucket travel lists, but for those traveling there it’s nice to see some beautiful boutique hotels that are available. Being from the same cultural background, perhaps your curiosity has been spiked 😉

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