Santorini Hotels – A Guide

If you’re looking for Santorini hotels then you’ve come to the right place. Santorini hotels are truly stunning. Traveling in a group, your accommodations will be more luxurious and your costs will be lower, a win-win! Before we get to these Santorini hotels, let’s glance at some background information in regard to the island itself.

Located in the southern Aegean Sea, about 120 miles southeast of mainland Greece, Santorini boasts breathtaking views and sunsets. A volcanic island, Santorini has a harder ground surface than say, Mykonos, which has golden and mixed sand beaches. The island has been linked to the Atlantis myth. With average summer high temperatures at around 80 degrees Fahrenheit and average winter highs around 54 degrees, Santorini has a semi-arid climate. During World War II the island was occupied by Italian forces in 1941 and German forces in 1943. Tourism is big in Santorini, with around 2 million tourists visiting annually. Points of interest are Fira, Oia, Church of Panagia Episkopi, Pyrgos Kallistis, Emporeio, Imerovigli, Athinios (Ferry Port), Skala (Old Port), Santorini (wine) and Santorini cable car. Now that we have some background information it’s time to get you to Santorini hotels that we know you are going to love.




Nalas Suites


Santorini Hotels

What’s in the area?

Nalas Suites features elegantly decorated units, private terraces, private hot tubs, continental breakfast, free WiFi, Coco-Mat mattresses, kitchenettes, rain showers and flat-screen TVs. It can be found near Εκκλησία Αγίας Θεοδοσίας (Greek Orthodox church), ΕΝΟΡΙΑΚΟΣ ΝΑΟΣ ΑΓΙΟΥ ΧΑΡΑΛΑΜΠΟΥΣ (church), Iota Zaggle (clothing store), Old Barber Shop (cafe), To Kafenedaki Tou Emporiou (Greek restaurant) and more. This location is 1.3 miles from Santorini Water Park, 1.9 miles from Ancient Thera, 2.1 miles from Santorini Port, 2.2 Art Space Santorini, 2.4 miles from Archaeological Site of Akrotiri, 2.9 miles from Red Beach, 3.6 miles from White Beach, 4 miles from Museum of Prehistoric Thera, 4.1 miles from Central Bus Station Fira and Thera Volcano, 4.3 miles from Monolithos Beach, Archaeological Museum of Thera and Megaro Gyzi and 3.4 miles from Santorini International Airport.

Approximate cost per night (two-bedroom townhouse): $298

Cost per person (four people): $75





Timedrops Santorini Villas


Santorini Hotels

What’s around?

Timedrops Santorini Villas has private pools, panoramic sea and Kastelli views, terraces, yards, sun beds, kitchens, living rooms, bathrobes, slippers, LCD TVs, free WiFi and more. This spot is close to Nalas Suites.

Approximate cost per night (superior villa, private pool): $383

Cost per person (seven people): $55



Bluebella Generic Banner



BlackStone Luxury Suites

Emporio Santorini

Santorini Hotels

Perissa Black Beach

With a garden, free WiFi, air conditioning, fully-equipped kitchens, flat-screen TVs, hot tubs, hairdryers, coffee machines, a continental breakfast and car rental service, BlackStone Luxury Suites is situated close to Stauroula’s Shoes (shoe store), ΚΑΦΕΝΕΙΟ ΨΟΜΟΦΑΣ (cafe), Fillipos (pizza delivery), FUEGO (cafe), Φαρμακείο (pharmacy), Panagia Mesani (Orthodox church), Πρακτορείο ΟΠΑΠ (lottery retailer), Goulas (bar) and more. Santorini Water Park is 1.5 miles, Santorini Port and Ancient Thera are 2.1 miles, Art Space Santorini and Archaeological Site of Akrotiri are 2.2 miles, Red Beach is 2.8 miles, White Beach is 3.4 miles, Museum of Prehistoric Thera, Thera Volcano and Central Bus Station Fira are 4.1 miles, Skaros is 5.2 miles, Cape Columbo Beach and Naval Museum of Oia are 8.1 miles and Santorini International Airport is 3.5 miles from this condo hotel.

Approximate cost per night (king suite, spa bath): $370

Cost per person (four people): $93



Mykonos Hotels – A Guide



Villa Therme Athena


Santorini Hotels

Two-Bedroom Villa

Offering 2 bedrooms, air conditioning, a balcony, free WiFi, sea and mountain views, a flat-screen TV, a dining area, a fully-equipped kitchen, a patio with garden views, a hot tub and a terrace, Villa Therme Athena is set by Explorer1-Yachting (boat rental service), Santorini Yachting (boat tour agency), Santorini Luxury Yacht Trips (boat rental service), Santorini Sailing Club, Blycháda (marina), Fisherman’s House (seafood restaurant), Dimitris (Greek restaurant), To Psaraki (Greek restaurant), Santorini Arts Factory (museum), Vlychada Beach Bar, Tomato Industrial Museum, Salty Bone (restaurant), Vlichada Beach, Prophet Elias (church), Theros (bar) and more. From here Archaeological Site of Akrotiri is 1.6 miles, Santorini Water Park is 2 miles, Red Beach is 2.1 miles, Santorini Port is 2.3 miles, White Beach is 2.7 miles, Ancient Thera and Art Space Santorini are 2.8 miles, Thera Volcano is 4 miles, Museum of Prehistoric Thera is 4.3 miles, Central Bus Station Fira is 4.4 miles and Santorini International Airport is 4.1 miles.

Approximate cost per night: $352

Cost per person (five people): $70



Giuseppe Zanotti EU


Shades of White

Emporeio Santorini

Santorini Hotels

Sea Views

Shades of White offers 2 bedrooms, a terrace, a balcony, a living room, a fully-equipped kitchen, a flat-screen TV, a hot tub and car rental service. Goulas (bar), Sweet Santo (pastry shop), Laurel and Hardy (Greek restaurant) and Agios Nikitas (Greek Orthodox church) are in the area, as well as Timedrops Santorini.

Approximate cost per night (two-bedroom apartment): $300

Cost per person (five people): $60



Blue Orchid Cycladic House

Emporeio Kastelli

Santorini Hotels

What’s happening?

With 2 bedrooms, free WiFi, city views, a terrace, air conditioning, a hairdryer, a seating area, a fully-equipped kitchen, an electric tea pot and a coffee machine, Blue Orchid Cycladic House is near Timedrops Santorini as well.

Approximate cost per night: $223

Cost per person (six people): $37





Canava Villas


Santorini Hotels

And here?

Canava Villas features 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, air conditioning, a terrace, a balcony, free private parking, free WiFi, a flat-screen TV, a dining area, a fully-equipped kitchen, a hot tub, an outdoor swimming pool, a garden and a patio with pool views. This villa is 1.3 miles from Santorini Water Park, 1.9 miles from Ancient Thera, 2.2 miles from Santorini Port, 4.4 miles from Monolithos Beach and Archaeological Museum of Thera, 4.5 miles from Megaro Gyzi, 5.3 miles from Skaros, 8.2 miles from Cape Columbo Beach and Naval Museum of Oia and 3.5 miles from Santorini International Airport.

Approximate cost per night: $418

Cost per person (six people): $70





Well there they are, Santorini hotels that provide for an unforgettable Greek Isles trip. We hope you have found your perfect accommodation and that you enjoy your Santorini stay!

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  1. Santorini Hotels – are one of the best hotels ever seen in the world at large,its very big,accommodating,and a very conducive relaxed environment you ll never wanna leave.i was there before and trust me I dont wanna leave but then I had no choice.There suits are very suitable  for any kind you looking for.Travellers ll surely enjoy there stay in there am delighted  for seeing this post thanks 

  2. Santorini is such an interesting place for me. The way the entire place is built on the hills is simply amazing.. it provides a great viewing experience no matter where you are located on the island.

    I see a lot of these places aren’t too incredibly expensive, which is very surprising! They are ALL so beautiful. Being the indecisive person that I am I will never be able to choose just one! 

    I really hope that one day I have the funds and capabilities of visiting somewhere that is so incredibly beautiful. First, I will need a passport!

  3. Hello,
    Seeing your website what a beautiful place to visit is Santorini. Island located in the Aegean Sea with beautiful beaches and a hotel for all tastes. The truth is that I love the hotels that you show. They are spacious with many amenities ideal as you explain to go in a group. 

    I have a friendly couple with whom we share several vacations together. I will show you your site to know your opinion. I will save your site. 

    Thank you!

  4. Hey thank you for the awesome post!  My wife and me want to visit Greece one day.  I didn’t realize Santorini was so close!  I have not been there but I have seen pictures and it is absolutely breath-taking!  I was showing my wife this list, and we both agree that the Canava Villas would be the best place for us, if we wanted to go on a family vacation.  Thanks for the suggestions!

    1. Jessie thank you for the comments and for sharing the post with your wife. Glad you found the information useful and that Canava Villas look right for your family trip. Santorini is a perfect place to rent your own villa with the fam 🙂

  5. Hi! 

    I’ve never been to Santorini, but it’s definitely on the list! Greece is a fantastic country. The hotels you’ve shown here all look stunning, and the fact that you’ve implemented local sights makes it all the better. It’s so hard to pick a favorite! Still, I have a question for you: which one (even if it’s not in this list) is your favorite? Thanks for this great article! 

  6. Hi, wow I cannot believe that you could have such a luxurious vacation for such a affordable price. I have to admit that I was shocked that you would only be about 70 to $5 a night if you were travelling with some friends and splitting the cost evenly.

    I think that this would be a great way to I have a awesome vacation with your friends and happy experience that you will remember for a lifetime.

     the more people that you can bring with you, the cheaper it is. I still can’t believe that if you even bring 7 people with you then it would only be around $50 a night to stay in a luxury Villa. That to me is very impressive I would have expected it to be so much more money. Thanks for show me how I can get such an awesome holiday with friends.

    Nice work

  7. Hey there

    Never seen Santorini before, what a beautiful place pics look amazing, hotel rooms are great. And the pricing isn’t bad. Love that you show which activities can be done and the prices, always nice to know so that you can add it to your budget. Awesome site really better than most hotel sites they never go into detail like you have.


  8. I absolutely love Santorini, it truly is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Some of these villas are really very reasonable, given the facilities. I’ve only stayed in bed and breakfasts on Santorini before but some of these places seem like they offer a better deal with better facilities. I’ll bookmark your page to return to when I’m planning my next trip to Santorini. Thank you for sharing.

  9. wow. i love this. Santorini is the supermodel of the Greek islands, it is also a head turner whose face is instantly noted around the world because of its multicoloured cliffs that soar out of a sea-drowned caldera, it is  topped by drifts of whitewashed buildings. it is also known for dazzling panoramas, romantic sunsets and volcanic-sand beaches. i also want to go there

  10. I love Santorini! It is a very beautiful island, so it makes sense how many tourists it has every year. I only wish I could visit in the low season so that it is not very crowded. I think I will check out Canava Villas because they have something different than the other options. To my surprise, none of these options were extremely expensive. I expected the prices to be much higher, so I am happy to see that. Thank you!

  11. Santorini Island has been on my vacation bucket list for as long as I can remember. I always considered a visit there financially out of reach but I can see the hotel pricing is surprisingly reasonable, especially if you’re travelling with a group. 

    I see many of the rooms showcased here are 2 bedrooms yet pricing is broken down to 5 people, and in some cases up to 7 people. Are there extra cots or stow away beds available for extra people in the group? Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Shan, most of these units come with extra bedrooms and large spaces, so they are great for group travel especially, or for those who enjoy more spacious and luxurious accommodations

  12. ooh grateful to have come across this article actual by date 18 this December my fiancee and i are coming to Santorini for Christmas vacation, cant wait tho enjoy the pools around that place, we have already planned for the trip we are just waiting for the dates, as i was reading this article i feel like coming right now, i miss those private pools, the sun beds, ooh my, looking forward to have some good times there soon. thank you for  sharing such a wonderful post, i can now create imaginations of what to expect. thank you

  13. Hi there. Whenever I am considering travelling anywhere, what I consider mostly is internet connection, steady power supply and of course delicious dishes. I love food a lot 😋

    Well, I am blogger and I am always online. That’s why I listed the first two criteria above. I am glad that there are a lot of hotels in Santorini that provide those… You did a really nice job putting these together plus they’re very beautiful too.

  14. Hi dude,

    Congratulations, you have a fantastic article. Your topic”Santorini Hotels – A Guide” is easy to navigate with great images and easy to read text. I like your guide it help to see a the features of Time drops Santorini Villas even private pools, panoramic sea and Kastelli views make me impress. I have bookmarked your site for the best booking of hotels.

  15. Wow, this is just awesome and fabulous too. I like the hotels you shared. I didn’t know most of them before if I amto be sincere but now seeing all this really makes me understand more about Santorini and how beautiful the city is. I am able to emgig my Christmas because of one of your really beautiful guides here. Thanks

  16. I have once visited Santorini and it’s the environment is one thing I can’t forget in a hurry and for some reasons I would love to go for another visit and fully explore this place. Although I really didn’t get the best of places to spend the fee days I stayed there and getting to see these hotels gives me some assurance of a memorable stay when next I go there. Since I would be going with my family I would love to try the Timedrop Santorini villa. Best regards 

  17. You never cease to amaze me. I believe you do a wonderful job in your research to bring us the most within a considerable price range with luxurious places. The best part is that you actually go around the world to get us the best places to vacation at. The hotels and penthouses be spot on and I never know where’s the next place you might show us. Keep bringing us amazing place to think about when we’re out traveling the world.

  18. Thanks for this guide. The hotels presented are definitely a wonderful location, where you can relax. You can visit many objectives and the price is attractive. But I must admit that I do not like to go on group vacation. Only my husband likes to spend my holidays.

  19. Wow! This could not be more perfect than this. A friend of mine is having a destination wedding at Santorini and I’m invited there. To be honest, I really wished to finally explore Greece and this is more perfect than I could have thought of. Thumbs up to you for sharing this. Some really nice hotels here and they all boasts of luxuries depending on taste and budget. I’d check them out more in preparation for the trip. Thanks

  20. Wow. It’s amazing that I found your post in a timely manner. I and my girlfriend would be spending some quality time on our vacation to Greece next year and we are trying to figure out the best hotels and suites that we will have our enjoyable time together.

    I’ve seen that you’ve outlined some awesome suites with attractive images especially the Santorini hotels that is located in the southern Aegean Sea with breathtaking views and sunsets. I’ve bookmarked this page already so I can reference it to her.

    Thank you for your effort so far on this.

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