How to Travel in Prague Czech Republic – Penthouses

If you’re wondering how to travel in Prague Czech Republic then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve compiled the best accommodations as well as the best nearby attractions to provide you with the best possible Prague experience. Specifically, we are looking at the best penthouses for your Prague trip. How to travel in Prague Czech Republic does not have to be a challenging, time-consuming question. That’s why we’ve searched through all Prague accommodations in order to bring you the very best. Let’s take a closer look at these accommodations to get you on your way in regard to the question of how to travel in Prague Czech Republic.

Prague, with a population of about 1.3 million people, is the largest city and capital of Czech Republic. The historical capital of Bohemia, Prague is located in north-west Czech Republic on the Vltava River. Rooted in Romanesque times and flourishing during the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque eras, Prague has been influential as the main residence of Holy Roman Emperors and to the Habsburg Monarchy and Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Prague’s climate is temperate. Summers are warm with average highs ranging in the mid-70s degrees Fahrenheit while winters are colder with average lows in the mid-20s. Visitors enjoy Prague’s castles, architecture, museums, monuments, theatres and sports. Some notable attractions include Prague CastleVyšehrad Castle,Charles BridgeSaint Nicholas ChurchPísek GateWallenstein PalaceOld TownMunicipal HouseArt NouveauMuseum of Decorative Arts in PragueClam-Gallas PalaceWenceslas SquareNational MuseumNational TheatreDancing HouseCharles SquarePrague ZooIndustrial PalaceAnděl and more. Your quest on how to travel in Prague Czech Republic begins now!


Penthouse Vinice

Vinohradská 163/3216

How to Travel in Prague Czech Republic

What’s around?

Penthouse Vinice offers free WiFi, a flat-screen TV, a seating area, a fully-equipped kitchen and is located near: Natur Hair (hair salon), Penny Market (super market), Forks and Knives (restaurant), Eso Market (grocery store), MňamBIO (natural goods store), Gurman Gril (wine bar), Restaurant U kormidla, U Slamu (restaurant), Hospůdka Na Palouku (bar), U Kmotra (Czech restaurant) and more.

Vila Flora and Eden Stadium are 1 mile, Žižkov Tower is 1.6 miles, Prague National Museum is 2.5 miles, Wenceslas Square is 2.6 miles, Municipal House is 2.7 miles and Vaclav Havel Airport Prague is 9.9 miles from this location.


Approximate cost per night: $90



Augustine Hotel

Letenska 12/33

How to Travel in Prague Czech Republic

What’s nearby?

This breathtaking, luxury hotel offers a penthouse option and spacious rooms and is found near: Augustine Restaurant, Refectory Bar, Restaurace Malostranská beseda (restaurant), Restaurant U Glaubicu, Jo´s Bar & Restaurant, Restaurace U Mecenáše, Hergetova Cihelna (eastern European restaurant), Perníkový panáček (cookie shop), Cocovanka (cookie shop), Terasa U Zlaté studně (restaurant) and more.

From here you’ll find Valdštejnská zahrada, Lesser Quarter and St. Nicolas Church 0.1 miles, Prague Castle 0.2 miles, Waldstein Riding School, Charles Bridge, St. Vitus Cathedral and Museum Kampa 0.3 miles, Prague Astronomical Clock and Old Town Square 0.7 miles, O2 Arena Prague 4 miles and Vaclav Havel Airport Prague 6.3 miles.


Approximate cost per night: $764






Luxury Penthouse Apartment

Chodská 27

How to Travel in Prague Czech Republic

Near here?

Featuring 3 bedrooms, free WiFi, a terrace, a flat-screen TV and a sauna, this Prague luxury penthouse apartment is situated close to: Alice In Wonderland (cake shop), Mist Restaurant, Shin Food (Asian grocery store), Studio Anahita (beauty supply store), Salon Heroes (hairdresser), Kavarna Na Sumave (espresso bar), Black Bass Ltd., Prosekarna Slezska (wine store), Visage De Paris (beauty salon), Doruky Drink (bistro), Dobra Trafika (cafe), Caresse BraExpert (lingerie store) and more.

Retro Music Hall and Žižkov Tower are 0.4 miles, Havlíčkovy Gardens are 0.5 miles, Prague State Opera and Prague National Museum are 0.7 miles, Wenceslas Square is 0.9 miles, Municipal House is 1.1 miles, Charles Bridge is 1.7 miles, 02 Arena Prague 2.9 miles and Vaclav Havel Airport Prague is 8.2 miles from this property.


Approximate cost per night (three bedroom): $342

Cost per person (six people): $57



Mandarin Oriental

Nebovidska 459/1

How to Travel in Prague Czech Republic

In the area?

With a presidential penthouse suite booking option, this carefully restored monestary dates back to the 14th century and is found close to: Spices Restaurant & Bar (hotel Asian restaurant), U Modre kachnicky I (Czech restaurant), Ceske muzeum hudby (museum), Cafe Kaficko, Kampa Theater, Atelier Kotlar (hairdresser), Ristorante Carmelita (restaurant), Luka Lu (restaurant), Dobra trafika (coffee shop) and more.

From this hotel you’ll find St. Nicolas Church and Lesser Quarter 0.2 miles, Charles Bridge 0.3 miles, Prague Castle, Zlatý Strom Club and St. Vitus Cathedral 0.4 miles, Prague Astronomical Clock and Old Town Square 0.7 miles, Municipal House and Wenceslas Square 1 miles, Aquapalace 9.1 miles and Vaclav Havel Airport Prague 6.3 miles.


Approximate cost per night (lazar suite): $2,120



Leam - Luxury Shopping Online

Gigantic Anenska Penthouse

Anenska 13

How to Travel in Prague Czech Republic


Gigantic Anenska Penthouse offers free WifI, a kitchen with dishwasher, oven and coffee machine and a hot tub and is found near: Bar Konirna (bar), Tricafe (coffee shop), HookahPlace, Golden Tree Prague (night club), Prague Riverside Parties (tour agency), Thai Paradise (Thai massage therapist), U Zlateho Hada (restaurant), The Irish Times Bar, WINE O’CLOCK (small plates restaurant), Country Life (cosmetics store), Georgia Restaurant, Blues Skiep (live music venue), Art Master Gallery and more.

This property is 0.1 miles from Zlatý Strom Club, Clementinum National Library, Karlovy Lázně and Bethlehem Chapel, 0.2 miles from Charles Bridge, Prague Astronomical Clock, Prague Christmas Market, Old Town Square and Old Jewish Cemetery, 0.5 miles from Municipal House, 0.6 miles from Wenceslas Square, 0.7 miles from Prague Castle, 2.2 miles from Prague Zoo, 3.7 miles from O2 Arena Prague and 6.8 miles from Vaclav Havel Airport Prague.


Approximate cost per night: $397

Cost per person (six people): $67



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Penthouse with City Terrace

Sokolovská 43

How to Travel in Prague Czech Republic

What’s in the vicinity?

Penthouse with City Terrace features 1 bedroom, free WiFi, a kitchen with microwave, fridge and stove top, a terrace with national monument views and is located close to: Kafe Karlin (cafe), Cafe Element (cafe), Delice Cafe, Nenapadne Bistro, Lokal Hamburk (bakery), Antoninovo (bakery), Na brehu Rhony (wine bar), Sushi Guru (restaurant), Cafe Martin (cafe), Dobra trafika (espresso bar), Dva Kohouti (brewery) and more.

Karlin Musical Theater is 0.2 miles, Štvanice is 0.3 miles, Socha Jana Žižky, Memorial Vítkov, The White Swan and Florentinum Prague are 0.4 miles, SaSaZu is 0.5 miles, Municipal House is 0.8 miles, Wenceslas Square, Old Town Square, Prague Astronomical Clock and Prague National Museum are 1.1 miles, Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral are 1.9 miles, Vyšehrad and Prague ZOO are 2.3 miles and Vaclav Havel Airport Prague are 7.9 miles from this penthouse.


Approximate cost per night: $85



Giuseppe Zanotti EU

Riverside Penthouse Prague

10 Masarykovo nabrezí 5. patro

How to Travel in Prague Czech Republic

Down by the river…

This two-floor penthouse sleeps 8 or more, offers free WiFi, a kitchen with stove, oven, fridge, dishwasher and electric kettle, a dining area, and is located near: Kavarna Bon Voyage (coffee shop), Wine Bar Naplavni, Bab ryze (Korean restaurant), The Real Meat Society (butcher), Restaurace U Matejicku (restaurant), Dammann Freres (tea store), Tori Restaurant, Cajovna Setkani (tea house), Farah Food (grocery store), Vinarna U Jiriho (wine bar), Les Kamarades (cafe), Cafe 25 (cafe), Charlie Vinko (wine bar), Absinthe Time (bar), Hive Bar and more.

Prague Beer Spa is 0 miles, Dancing House Ginger & Fred is 0.1 miles, Czech National Theater and Laterna Magica are 0.3 miles, Bethlehem Chapel, Museum Kampa and Langhans Gallery are 0.5 miles, Wenceslas Square is 0.6 miles, Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral are 1.1 miles and Vaclav Havel Airport Prague is 6.9 miles from this location.


Approximate cost per night: $160

Cost per person (eight people): $20



Vinohrady Penthouse

Chodska 32

How to Travel in Prague Czech Republic

And here?

Vinohrady Penthouse offers 2 bedrooms, 2 terraces with Prague Castle views, free WiFi, air conditioning, a living room with sofa bed and satellite TV, a well-equipped kitchen and is found near: Grand Rasoi (Indian restaurant), Moment (cafe), Mozaika Burger & Co. (restaurant), Wombat Cafe, Kofein (tapas restaurant), Arepas De Lyna (Venezuelan restaurant), Sandokan Vegan Bistro, coffee room (cafe), Doruky Drink (bistro), Bullerbyn (bar) and more.

From this penthouse Retro Music Hall and Žižkov Tower are 0.4 miles, Havlíčkovy Gardens is 0.5 miles, Prague State Opera and Prague National Museum are 0.7 miles, Wenceslas Square is 0.9 miles, Municipal House is 1.1 miles, St. Vitus Cathedral is 2.3 miles, O2 Arena Prague is 2.9 miles and Vaclav Havel Airport Prague is 8.2 miles.


Approximate cost per night: $170

Cost per person (seven people): $24


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So there you have it, many of Prague’s best penthouse accommodations. We hope we have answered some of your questions regarding how to travel in Prague Czech Republic and most importantly, that you enjoy your stay!

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    1. Hi biblehealthmike and thank you for the comments! It really depends most on how many people you are traveling with, as Sokolovská 43 features 1 bedroom while Masarykovo nabrezí 5. sleeps 8. Also, Sokolovská 43 has tremendous river views while Masarykovo nabrezí 5. overlooks the city. Hope that helps and happy travels out there!

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  11. Prague is a beautiful city that I have had the pleasure of visiting several times over the past two decades. It is a mix of old and new, the people are wonderful, the food is great, and the cost is low compared to other major European cities I have visited.

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